A few tears on the passing of a good soul

A few tears on the passing of a good soul
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A few tears on the passing of a good soul

Immediately after Asr prayer, all the people had gathered in the funeral hall. There was probably an hour and a half left in the sunset. His body was buried in people’s graves. The khaki body was wrapped in a bright white shroud. Above the white shroud was a green sheet on which holy words were written. The funeral was done. And now the journey to move to the next permanent home was ready.

Heartbroken loved ones, friends and prayerful devotees were talking in whispers like the buzzing of bees. Everyone was waiting for the last sight. I also dragged myself forward with difficulty. The shroud was slightly removed from the mouth.

Seeing the departed face, the heart testified that a satisfied soul is going to its Lord. Still, with a broken heart, the eyes were filled with tears. Anwar Masood remembered:

The world is naked from nothingness to the world

Man, why did you do it for the sake of a shroud?

This was our 80-year-old elder, Haji Maqbool Ahmed. His image always reminded me of my late father. The same nose shape, the same tall height, the same slender body. This good soul who always left with a smile on his face was also my uncle. Shafiq and Karim He was well but one day he started complaining of pressure and pain in his chest. When they came home after praying in congregation, they would complain: My friend is out of breath.

Gradually, this complaint started increasing day by day, so the loving and respectful parents took him to the most modern, private hospital in Islamabad. Various tests revealed that water has entered one of the lungs. It was found necessary to drain the water. A small operation was done for this. This operation spread and became the cause of the last call.

On the 1st of Ramadan 2024, he went to the hospital and on the twenty-seventh blessed night, leaving us all crying, he left for the land of nothingness. In just 27 days, an extremely pure and careful life came to an end. Ahmed Faraz remembered: It happened after I got rid of you/ that you were not there, there was a world with you!

It has been 30 days since Haji Maqbool Ahmed, a popular servant of Allah, passed away. Until now, it seems as if they will come to our house from the mosque smiling after praying and looking around and saying: the children have not come from school yet? Innumerable memories associated with him are invading and making the heart and soul sad and depressed. His attributes of Hamida gave him the most distinguished and unique position in the whole family. Every family member, friend and acquaintance testifies that they have never been seen or heard of Chagli.

No one’s heart was hurt by his tongue and hands. If someone has said something hurtful, they have kept silent with patience. This silence of theirs would have made the perpetrator of the abuse regretful. The religious elders and especially the Sufis used to mention the religious services in a derogatory manner. I remember that when he and my father used to sit together, he would happily repeat the stories of his Murshid Pak’s heart-warming words. The monthly journal issued by his mentor’s house was also regularly read by him.

He did not exaggerate in expressing his love for the religion of Islam. In fact, patience and silence were his life support. He also performed Hajj with his wife and performed Umrah many times. Abdul Qadir Jilani traveled to Baghdad and Konya for pilgrimages to the shrines of Hazrat Ghous-i-Azam and Maulana Rum with passion and enthusiasm. To achieve this happiness, his younger son supported him. God bless you. In his free time, continuous reading of books written on the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) was his life’s duty.

Many years ago, when the well-known literary magazine “Naqoosh” published several volumes on the biography of Prophet Muhammad, I too had the opportunity to purchase these faith-inspiring volumes containing great research. I remember that once during the summer when he visited our village house, he was very happy to see these volumes placed on the cornice of the sitting room. As long as he stayed there, these volumes were constantly under his study. I saw that he kept noting many important things in his diary. Whenever there was a family gathering, he would fondly mention these wonderful volumes of “Nakosh” to many members of the family including me.

Participating in Natiya Majlis was his only entertainment. Wherever such spirited gatherings were held in his own city, he would reach there in a state of jinn and return home late at night.

Special collections of Natiya Kalam were also seen decorated on the shelf above his head. In the days when Islamic programs were aired on Radio Pakistan in the morning, Chacha John used to listen to these programs on the radio before going to duty. In this regard, Maulana Shah Balighuddin was on the top of his favorite scholars. In those days, Hazrat Maulana Shah Balighuddin’s morning speeches on Islamic history on Radio Pakistan were extremely popular. Late Shah Baligh. Al-Uddin Sahib was given a special queen of communication by Allah Ta’ala. After him, no other religious scholar could light such a lamp on the radio till date.

The fact is that throughout his life he had a passion for reading and memorizing Naat Sharif and Sufi kalam. Whenever Naat Nazar Nawaz had a charming and charming poem, he used to write it down in his diary.

Innumerable Sufi poems were also preserved in his diary. Most of them were too. Whenever there was a small ceremony in the family, on the request of relatives and friends, they recited Natia poems with a special tone and tone. Before reciting the recitation, he would take care of himself with great patience, smile and then the words would be released on his tongue in ecstasy. His recitation would be a source of enlightenment in the assembly. Now only the memories of spring and the fragrance of flowers remain.

I did not see that the spring has ended

It’s a pity that the friend’s friendship ended in the blink of an eye

(Translation: Even before I could see the flower for a lifetime, the spring season was over. Alas, the companionship ended in the blink of an eye)

A few tears on the passing of a good soul


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