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Apple releases native, collaborative virtual experience for Vision Pro: report

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Apple releases native, collaborative virtual experience for Vision Pro: report

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apple On Tuesday introduced a new feature for its mixed reality headset Vision Pro called spatial Personas, according to a report. An extension of the existing Personas feature, where users can view 3D virtual representations of each other in a single window, the new feature is said to allow users to step into a shared virtual setting for a collaborative experience. . Users can now play games, collaborate on a project, or watch a movie while being able to see all participants. The new feature is reported to be added via an update. Apple Vision Pro visionOS

According to one Reports According to The Verge, Vision Pro users will be able to enable Local People via FaceTime by clicking the corresponding button on the screen. It will allow users to step out of the window-like box and stand together in a virtual sandbox. According to reports, only the face, upper torso and hands will be visible, rendered by the headset’s various cameras and Apple’s on-device digital rendering. was added with the feature. visionOS 1.1 Update.

Personas, in-window 3D avatars, were introduced at the launch of Apple Vision Pro. Natives was demonstrated at WWDC 2023, however, the feature was still in development. Now, it’s available in beta, and users can now collaborate on SharePlay-enabled apps.

With this feature, users can now sit together while watching a movie on the screen within a virtual setting and watch other participants in the room and their reactions as well. Raymond Wong of Alta Reported Apple talked about its experience using the feature in a demo and highlighted that avatars now look much more realistic than their previous iterations. Collaborative work through Apple’s Freeform app also allows participants to write on a whiteboard or add and rearrange notes. Wong highlights that up to five participants can collaborate at a time.

Reportedly, when in the same virtual setting, another participant’s voice comes from the same direction as the avatar. Its intensity also increases or decreases based on how close or far away they are. Similarly, users of Apple Vision Pro see other participants as they appear in real life, even if they don’t share the same physical space. The feature is reportedly still in beta and is expected to be rolled out publicly in the coming weeks.

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