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Asif Zardari will discuss the future of Balochistan with all political forces

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Asif Zardari will discuss the future of Balochistan with all political forces

Photo: Express Web

Quetta: President Asif Ali Zardari has said that some forces do not want stability in Balochistan and the country, he will discuss with all political forces to decide the plan for the future of Balochistan.

According to the press wing of the President’s House, a meeting was held regarding the law and order situation in Balochistan and the ongoing development projects in the province, in which Federal Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi, Balochistan Governor Sheikh Jafar Khan Mandukhel, Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Sarfraz Bugti, Provincial ministers and senior federal and provincial officials attended.

In the meeting, it was decided to start consultation to adopt a unified national narrative against terrorism. The President urged the law enforcement agencies to continue operations against terrorism.

Addressing the meeting, the President said that the backwardness of Balochistan and the economic weaknesses of the people are fully understood, an effective strategy should be adopted for the employment of the people of the border areas.

The President said that there is a close relationship between terrorism and drug trafficking, trafficking is harmful to the country’s economy and its remedy is necessary for economic stability.

He said that the system of the Sindh government can be copied for the training of youth in various fields, support from different countries should be obtained through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the foreign jobs of the technically skilled youth of Balochistan.

The President said that the health problems in the province are more and the facilities are less compared to other provinces. Balochistan can benefit from the services of Sindh province in various fields of public interest including health.

The Chief Minister of Balochistan said that he is serious about establishing peace in Balochistan, while it is not possible to refuse negotiations for the future plan of action, the agenda of the negotiations should be decided by consensus at the national level.

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