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Friday, May 24, 2024
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Attorney General denied Justice Babar Sattar’s allegations

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Attorney General denied Justice Babar Sattar’s allegations

Attorney General of Pakistan Mansoor Awan denied the allegations made in the letter of Islamabad High Court Judge Justice Babar Sattar.

During the press conference, the Attorney General said that due to the letter of the judge, there is an impression that there is interference in the judiciary.

He said that the impression is being made or is being made that the relationship between the judiciary and the executive is deteriorating.

Mansoor Awan added that there are some sensitive cases of states, the Attorney General or Advocate General contacts with regard to sensitive information.

He also said that the government and no state agency interferes in the constitutional duties of the judiciary.

The Attorney General explained that no security establishment officer has and cannot directly contact the judiciary.

Mansoor Awan said that the text of the letter should be considered as to what has been said to be an obstacle in the delivery of justice.

He said that a request was made to conduct an in-camera briefing on matters related to surveillance, a letter was sent to the Attorney General’s Office.

The Attorney General said that unfortunately the impression was taken that the case should be decided on one side but it was not.

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