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Australian farmer achieves Guinness record for growing largest blueberry in the world

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The largest blueberry ever certified by Guinness World Records weighs in at a shocking 20.4 grams and measures a whopping 3.93 cm in diameter. This unique fruit was grown on an Australian farm as part of the Costa Group’s efforts to meet the growing demand for massive berries. The Eterna breed, grown in ideal conditions in New South Wales, has generated high yields and produced this record-breaking berry. After 12 weeks of inspection, Guinness World Records verified the fruit, which will now be celebrated as an emblem of agricultural innovation and dedication. Despite its size, the berry maintains both its sweet taste and firmness.

Australian farmer breaks Guinness record with biggest blueberry on earth

The fruit was certified by Guinness World Records this week.—Costa Berries

A unique occurrence in agriculture happened as an Australian farm was certified for the biggest blueberry plantation, which is as big as a ping pong ball, BBC reported.

This colossal fruit, having been harvested in November and stored in a freezer is a whopping 3.93 cm in diameter and weighs a shocking 20.4 grams. This is nearly 10 times larger than the other fruits.

In the past, the record for the biggest berry was held by one farmer from Western Australia, but now that honour belongs to a new variety grown by the Costa Group to address the surge in demand for the largest berries. 

Brad Hocking, who is behind the occasion, credits to the high yield that the Eterna breed has generated, as the conditions in their Corindi farm in northern New South Wales are also favourable.

While being amazed at the discovery, Hocking’s team met different organisations that were also competing for the title on their collection. The critical moment came when the specimens were weighed and it was discovered that the first time triumph had been achieved. 

The monumental berry was verified by Guinness World Record after 12 weeks of inspection. Now, the berry will be an emblem of innovation and dedication in agricultural practices.

On the other hand, one might wonder if eating such a masterpiece would be as enjoyable as seeing it. Hocking wryly admits that his team was very resistant to even tasting the main dish, preferring to enjoy the side dishes instead.

While the Eterna berries are notably larger, they don’t lose either the sweet taste or the firmness that small berries have. The world’s largest blueberry saga is no longer just a distant memory with the announcement that it is to be commemorated with a resin cast. The intrigue has gone global.

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