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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Bankers and bureaucrats also own properties in Dubai

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Bankers and bureaucrats also own properties in Dubai

Data from the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project revealed that more than a dozen retired military officers and their families, bankers and bureaucrats also own properties in the expensive and upscale area of ​​Dubai.

Among thousands of Pakistanis who own properties, around a dozen retired army generals, two retired Air Vice Marshals of the Pakistan Air Force, a serving Inspector General of Police, a retired president of the National Bank of Pakistan, a former chairman of OGDCL. And a serving Chairman Pakistan Council for Science and Technology is also included in it.

Among the retired military generals, the most prominent name is that of former president General Pervez Musharraf (deceased). The name of the former military dictator and his wife have appeared in leaked data regarding the ownership of three properties, which are Dubai Marina, Burj Khalifa and Al Thania Fifth. are in the areas of

The leaked data, which is for the period 2020 to 2022, also includes the name of former President’s Military Secretary Lt. Gen. (R) Shafaatullah Shah. His name also appeared in the Pandora Papers, General Shafaat’s son co-owns the property.

General Shafaat, when contacted by OCCRP, confirmed the ownership of this property and said that all his overseas properties are declared with the tax authorities in Pakistan.

Ex-DGC of General Musharraf’s era, ex-Major General Ehtesham Zameer, his son and other children are listed as property owners in Ulrsan First, Marina Arcade, Mersa area.

Similarly, the names of Lt Gen (retd) Afzal Muzaffar and former DG Counter Intelligence Major General Ehtesham Zameer and their children are also in the list.

Azad Kashmir IG Dr Sohail Habib Tajik’s name is listed as the owner of the property in Al-Dafrah First Al-Thania 3rd. and his salary was ten thousand dollars. According to him, he legally transferred this money from UN Bank to Dubai and declared this property as his asset.

Former National Bank of Pakistan President Arif Usmani’s name is also included in the list as the owner of a penthouse.

Another Lt Gen (retd) Muhammad Akram owns a property in Elite Residences 4, Lt Gen (rt) Alam Jan Mehsud and his wife Al Hamari own a five-room apartment in Palm Jumeirah area.

In Lake Data, Major General (retd) Ghazanfar Ali Khan owns a property at S15 Building Ulrsan First. Major General (retd) Raja Muhammad Arif Nazir also owns a property in Golf Promenade 2-A Al Haibiyah Third Area.

Meanwhile, the names of Air Vice Marshal (Rtd) Saleem Tariq and Air Vice Marshal (Rtd) Khalid Masood Rajput are also included in the property.

The name of Major General (retd) Muhammad Farooq, wife of Major General (r) Anees Bajwa and Major General (r) Najamul Hasan Shah are also included in the list. The names of former chairman OGCDL Zahid Muzaffar and chairman PCST Syed Anwarul Hasan Gilani are also present in the list as property owners.

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