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Battle of Badr on the day of Furqan – Express Urdu

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Battle of Badr on the day of Furqan – Express Urdu

The fight between good and evil has been going on since day one and will continue. From eternity, evil is in pursuit of good and wants to bind good in its tyranny and make its existence meaningless. Apparently, the forces of evil seem to dominate the good, but in the end, the victory is that of the good. Because good is the reflection of truth.

The last link in the chain of prophethood and prophethood, Khatam al-Mursaleen and Khatam Anbiyyah, the light of the Sun of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ illuminated every corner of Arabia. The darkness of ignorance that has been covered for years has been shattered. The gods kissed the void earth. The chains of centuries of slavery began to break, the balance of rights and duties became moderate. Under the spears of tyranny and oppression, humanity was blessed with hours of breathing happiness. Along with the reformation of the material requirements of man, a great revolution took place in the heart and mind as well.

When the forces of evil are defeated by the work of righteousness and the foundations of their false beliefs and ideas start to shake, then they worry about their safety and survival. Because someone’s declaration of rebellion against a system that has been frozen for years is considered to be equivalent to shaking the roots of their deceit and self-interest.

However, when the initial stage of the invitation and preaching of monotheism began and whoever accepted this invitation, mountains of oppression and persecution were broken on him. Some were laid bare-backed on the roaring fire and some were beaten so badly that the only thing left was to die. Hazrat Sumiya was killed by a spear, which is said to be the first martyr in Islamic history. Other women in Islam were also subjected to every tactic of persecution and they were tried, but history is a witness that the steadfastness of the women of Islam, like men, did not slip. Therefore, a story has been written which colors the pages of history. So much cruelty and suffering was inflicted that some of the Companions of the Prophet (RA) cried out:

“O Messenger of Allah! When will God’s help come? ?

Finally, to get rid of this torture and discipline, the order of Allah came and these Saeed souls were allowed to migrate from Mecca. Although they first migrated to Abyssinia and later to Madinah, how could this freedom of those who believed in Tawheed Rasool (PBUH) be tolerated with cold stomachs? The enemies of Islam did not allow them to live in peace even in Madinah and they kept creating conspiracies against the Muslims. As a result, a long series of raids and raids began in the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the armed ones started with the “Bad Battle”.

On the 17th of Ramadan, Kufr and Islam lined up at the place of Badr. The army and war equipment of the disbelievers of Quraish and the leaders of Tawheed and Rasulullah (PBUH) were to be seen. The enemy of Islam was in front with 1000 men and armed with modern nail hooks. On the other hand, there were only two horses and sixty camels among the 313 men and equipment.

History is a witness that materialism and its worship has destroyed generations. Materialism has a sense of pride in its yeast, so it is not aware of the factors hidden within it that ultimately bring nations to the brink of destruction. In the battle of Badr also, the matter was the clash of faith and materialism. But wars are fought and won not only with weapons, but with passion and strong willpower, and when passion and willpower is born from the leaven of Tawheed and Prophethood, then defeat becomes the destiny of false forces.

Before the start of the battle, the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, made a long prostration in a thatched hut, and uttered this supplication with great lamentation, meaning:

“O Allah! This is my earnings of fifteen years which I have brought before you. If these few souls are lost today, then there will be no one to take your name until the Day of Resurrection. God’s bar! You have promised me that you will help me, now it is time to fulfill it.

Then the war began and at the same time the mercy of God came to the fore and with the help of God the disbelieving Quraysh had to suffer a humiliating defeat. 70 of his influential people were killed and only 70 famous people were taken prisoner, while 13 people among the companions of the Prophet (may Allah be pleased with him) drank the cup of martyrdom. Abu Jahl, the eternal enemy of the Messenger of God, was also killed in this battle. About whom he said: “This person is the pharaoh of this Ummah.”

All the above incidents have been written by the biographers in their own style which keep coming in the study of the readers. The main thing is that what were the effects of this victory and defeat on the Muslims of that time and what is the lesson in this incident for the Muslim Ummah of today’s materialistic era. ?

It happened there that as a result of the defeat of the infidels in the Battle of Badr, the entire Arab world and especially the people of faith in the area around Badr were shocked that a group of 1,000 Quraysh was defeated by the 313 headless Muslims. went

This news caused panic in the entire Arab world and as a result of the great success, the spread of the call of Islam was greatly strengthened. On the occasion of this victory, the number of leaders of Islam was very few and the weapons were also negligible, but the support and help of Allah made them successful. But today our number is in billions and we are the possessors of nuclear weapons, yet we have no respect in the world and no clear and valuable identity.

Even today, if the Muslim ummah considers the incident of the Battle of Badr, it will understand the fact that if the passion is sincere, if there is a true pain of religion in the heart, and if faith and belief are firmly established in the heart and mind with all its requirements, then material resources The lack of it cannot be a hindrance to success. Honor and respect and victory and work queen will kiss our feet on every front even today. The unseen help of Allah came in Badr too and when we are united and struggle to prevail over the religion following the footsteps of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, even today Allah will show His incalculable blessings, mercies and victory. The doors of the Yabis will be opened.

“O believers! If you help Allah, He will help you and make your feet firm.

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