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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Bhikshak, Captain Miller, The Marvels and more: Here are the top OTT releases to Binge Watch this week

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Bhikshak, Captain Miller, The Marvels and more: Here are the top OTT releases to Binge Watch this week

While last week was a bit light in terms of Indian titles, this week’s OTT releases are packed with Indian-origin films and web series. First, we have Netflix. Bhishka, where a local reporter in rural Bihar tries to uncover the harrowing reality of an orphanage where young girls are abused. Based on a real-life incident, the film depicts political apathy and the backing of those involved.

Another comes in the form of Indian origin. LantraniA heartwarming collection of three stories based on small towns and villages. A brainchild of three National Award-winning directors, Lanterni will give you a taste of the simplicity and absurdity of life in small pockets of India, where people do odd jobs to survive. The movie can be streamed for free on Zee5.

Two major South Indian productions – by Mahesh Babu Guntur please And of Dhanush Captain Miller – There are also Netflix releases after theaters this week. While the former explores the relationship between a rogue man and his mother, who abandoned him and remarried years ago, Captain Miller takes place in the pre-independence era, where a small tribe Facing oppression at the hands of the British, as well as the upper castes.

Netflix has also dropped two exciting new documentaries. I Lover, hunter, killer, You’ll meet a mechanic who turned to online dating for a casual relationship and instead sought out an obsessive woman who would well… love, stalk and maybe kill. Rael: The Strange Prophet You’ll be introduced to a Frenchman who started a UFO-inspired religion, which soon turned into a controversial cult.

In terms of international titles, there is A killer paradox: A South Korean crime thriller where an ordinary man accidentally kills a serial killer. Ash: An intimate psychological Turkish drama where a rich woman finds the lost passion of her life in an unfinished novel. one day: A British film where a boy and a girl meet for the first time on their graduation night and separately, after which their lives are depicted on the same date every year. And Alpha Males Season 2: A Spanish television comedy where men watch their patriarchal privileges slowly erode.

If you’re not in the mood to experiment and want to watch something critically-approved, we recommend it Abbott ElementaryThe third season of which dropped on Hotstar on February 7. It’s a workplace comedy set in a Philadelphia public school where a group of dedicated teachers, and an oblivious principal, are determined to help their students succeed in life despite many challenges. The show has won four so far. Primetime Emmy Awards And three The Golden Globe Awards.

If you are looking for new releases for kids to binge-watch with your little ones, you can visit Dee and Friends in Oz, where a regular kid goes on a musical journey to save the magic after being transported to the Land of Oz by a mysterious key. Or you can choose Luz: Light of heartin which a young girl embarks on an adventure to discover the truth about her roots after all these years of growing up in the Kengang community.

Sushmita Sen Starrer Arya This week is also coming to an end with all four episodes. of the third season The second part (Arya: Antam Vaar) is dropping on February 9. Speaking of the series finale, of the Amazon miniTV crushed is also wrapping up its final season, releasing on the same day.

With that, here are the top five OTT releases this week. Happy binge-watching!

The Marvels

When: Streaming now

Where: Disney + Hotstar

The new leader of the Kree Empire (Zave Ashton) is now in search of a new planet after the current planet is completely barren after the destruction of Captain Marvel’s (Brie Larson) super-intelligence. However, he accidentally discovered one of the two legendary quantum bands instead, which are used to accelerate space travel.

One thing leads to another, and soon Captain Marvel’s superpowers tangle with those of Kamala Khan aka Miss Marvel (Iman Villani) and Monica Rambeau (Teona Paris). The trio must now come together to master this “quantum entanglement” and save the world. And if you’re wondering if there are any Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel fan moments in the movie, rest assured; there are many!

The Marvels is a sequel to this film. Captain Marvel (2019), a sequel to the television miniseries Ms. Marvel (2022), and the 33rd film Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The film was so far only available for rent on Apple TV, Google Play and YouTube.


When: Streaming now

Where: Netflix

Bhikshak is an interesting thriller based on a shocking real-life incident in Bihar, where minor girls were being raped in a shelter home. Here Bhumi Pednekar plays the role of Vaishali Singh, a bold but struggling investigative journalist who similarly comes across an orphanage run by a superior. As her character digs deeper into the case, the rotten reality of our country’s administrative and judicial inadequacies along with crimes against women comes to light. Crisp movie by Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment can be broadcast in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Sanjay Mishra is also playing an important role.


When: Streaming now

Where: Zee5

Lanterni is a collection of three stories from the heart of India by the National Award-winning director. The screenplay is by Dargesh Singh, who wrote its second and third seasons Gulak.

The first story stars Johnny Lever as a cop who, after being stuck in a desk job for the first 25 years of his career, finally takes on the important task of taking a prisoner to court. But when a few events change his perspective on the accused, Lever’s character finds himself at a moral crossroads.

In the second story, a scheduled cast woman is selected as a member of the Sarpanch for the first time. However, when she realizes that she doesn’t really have any real power (um because her crime is being a woman, that too in a low caste), she and her husband – Jitendra Kumar – will. Panchayat And Kota Factory Fame – Decision to sit on silent protest outside DDO office.

The last story will take you back to the COVID-19 pandemic when many products falsely claimed to protect against the virus. Here a defunct news channel finds hope during the pandemic in the form of its new potential sponsor – Covinaash, a hand sanitizer that claims to provide complete protection against the deadly virus.

Thank you

When: Streaming now

Where: Netflix

If you are a fan of Telugu action cinema and family stories, then Guntur Karam could be your weekend choice. Here we see Mahesh Babu playing the role of Ramana, whose mother (Ramya Krishna) abandoned him years ago (as another popular Ramya character). Baahubali: The Beginning) and remarried. When she decides to run for office, Ramana’s people ask her to sign a document denying that he is her son. However, our furious hero refuses to end their relationship and confronts her and finds out the real reason behind her departure.

Although the film did not score exceptionally well in direction, screenplay and cinematography, Mahesh Babu’s performance stood out among cinematographers. Initially released theatrically on January 12, Guntur Karam can now be streamed on Netflix in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada.

Captain Miller

When: Streaming now

Where: Prime Video

Imagine that you are born in a low caste tribe and you are oppressed all your life. And when your people build a magnificent temple, which the English can see, the king prevents them from entering it.

If there is even a slight opportunity to gain respect, authority and power, will you not grasp it tightly? This is exactly what Captain Miller’s Analison Esa (Dhanush) does when he joins the British Army.

However, it doesn’t take long for him to learn that the Westerners are just a giant demon who wants him to be a part of their injustice. This is when Isa aka Captain Miller decides to leave the army and fight his own way for justice for his people.

Captain Miller was a box office success and enjoyed an overall rating of 89 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. If you are looking for a refreshing take on the freedom struggle, this one makes a great choice.

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