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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Binance expands on early women’s day cravings, launches perfume fragrance ‘Crypto’

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Binance expands on early women’s day cravings, launches perfume fragrance ‘Crypto’

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International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year since 1975 as declared by the United Nations. Binance, known as the world’s largest exchange, decided to appeal to potential female investors, entrepreneurs, and developers with a new type of product – a perfume. Binance has announced the launch of a fragrance called ‘Crypto’, specially formulated for women and packaged in what appears to be a stunning gold bottle. The tagline of this perfume is, ‘Fragrance meets Finance’.

The exchange is launching this crypto perfume as part of a new campaign. Addressing the current gender imbalance in the crypto sector, Binance has decided to reward the first 5,000 women who complete an introductory crypto course at the Binance Academy in the form of $25 (roughly Rs. 2,070). Tether Token Vouchers

This perfume is not for sale but is available for sampling at pop-up stands in Bahrain. The exchange has set up stalls for these perfumes in some public places to start a conversation to discuss ways to bridge the gender gap in the crypto sector.

“Bold, distinctive, and intentionally disruptive, ‘Crypto’ isn’t a fragrance we’re marketing – it’s a message to women that they have an important role to play in the crypto revolution,” says The Drum. A report referred to Binance Chief Marketing Officer Rachel Conlan says.

Binance posted a minute-long video on X, showing how the campaign took shape in public spaces.

Binance has posted a teaser about the perfume though its x-handle shows what ‘Eau de Binance’ looks like. In what seems like a fun footnote, Binance said the perfume is a ‘luxurious fusion’ of ‘exotic ingredients’ including HODL, DYOR, YOLO, and LFG – all frequently used acronyms in the crypto sector. go

As for the actual scent of the crypto perfume, a TechCrunch reports said, “The fragrance opens with refreshing notes of ozone, salt, and moss, evoking a crisp and invigorating air essence. Heart notes reveal a luxurious blend of oud, mandarin, and precious woods.” While base notes of amber, woodsy, and musk provide a warm, musky sweet and earthy scent, full of sophistication.”

On the business front, Binance is undergoing several internal changes. The exchange’s new CEO, Richard Teng, joined the company in November 2023 after its founder and former CEO Changpeng Zhao pleaded guilty in the US to violating money laundering laws. This week, the Nigerian House of Representatives Committee on Financial Crimes Allegedly Teng was summoned on suspicion of the exchange’s possible involvement in money laundering and terrorist financing.

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Binance Expands on Women’s Day Wishes by Launching a Perfume Named after Cryptocurrency,Binance,Women’s Day,Crypto

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