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Christina Ricci Reveals Behind Troubled Cleo Bond

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Christina Ricci Reveals Behind Troubled Cleo Bond

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Christina Ricci explains the reason for her bad relationship with her daughter

Christina Ricci, The Addams Family The actress recently opened up about her strained relationship with daughter Cleopatra, who turned 2 in December.

Ricky shared everything during his appearance. Let’s be clear. Podcast with host Shannon Doherty.

There she admitted that she stayed away from home during the shooting of the film The Yellow Jackets It has affected her mother-daughter relationship.

“Last year I was going back and forth to Vancouver. The Yellow Jackets. She didn’t know me. We had no bond. So it was very disturbing,” he admitted.

The 44-year-old actress also continued, “My kids don’t like it when I travel. When I’m away, I try to take my son with me as much as possible.”

But that comes with extra costs and explaining how expensive it is to travel with kids, Ricky said, “If you’re a series regular, you have to pay for everything, so I can’t. … Every time I go up and down, I can’t pay for four people, four flights, you know, and the rooms you need and everything … everybody all the time. It’s too expensive to travel with.”

Although she admits that maintaining a good work-life balance is difficult, Ricci still does her best to manage it properly, saying, “I try to come back as often as I can, I think That’s really something I’ve learned, especially with me. Son, mixing it up with my work life. Why can’t he come to the convention on the weekend and see what it’s like?”

Christina Ricci welcomed daughter Cleo in December 2021, whom she shares with husband Mark Hampton. She also has a 9-year-old son Freddie with ex-husband James Hardigan.

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Christina Ricci Reveals Behind Troubled Cleo Bond

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