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Thursday, April 18, 2024
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CoinDCX Launches KnowBitcoin Campaign To Fight ‘No Bitcoin’ Sentiment, Offers BTC Rewards

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CoinDCX Launches KnowBitcoin Campaign To Fight ‘No Bitcoin’ Sentiment, Offers BTC Rewards

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The crypto sector is going through a boom right now, with Bitcoin trading at an all-time high of over $71,733 (roughly Rs. 59.3 lakh). Taking advantage of all the buzz surrounding BTC at this point, Indian exchange CoinDCX has launched its new crypto awareness campaign called KnowBitcoin. The crypto exchange, to entice more people to participate in the campaign, has offered to distribute BTC rewards of Rs. 20 participants were randomly selected from 8,000.

Taking the traditional route, Coins DCX Spreading the word about this crypto awareness program through newspaper front page ads. Social media is also being relied upon to share details about the initiative. CoinDCX’s ad for KnowBitcoin is accompanied by a QR code that, when scanned, takes people to the initiative’s official blog page. Images of CoinDCX newspaper ads have surfaced on social media.

Through this initiative, the Indian exchange is providing a detailed overview of the world’s first and most expensive cryptocurrency. Information about the creation of Bitcoin, how the asset gains value, and what precautions need to be taken before engaging with BTC – are among the topics covered on the KnowBitcoin blog. To make the initiative more interactive, CoinDCX invites people to share a fact about Bitcoin, tag two or more friends to visit the campaign page, and follow the initiative through CoinDCX’s official handle. Repost details about. x.

The exchange will end the contest on March 14 and announce the 20 BTC prize winners on Monday, March 18. The response to this initiative at X has been apparently positive. In hopes of winning BTC rewards, many people have shared facts about it. Bitcoin And tagged your friends to be a part of this awareness initiative.

Commenting on the initiative, Sumit Gupta, CEO of CoinDCX said“It’s easy to say ‘no’ or ignore something that seems new or different. But as a community, our strength lies in our willingness to learn, adapt and grow. #KnowBitcoin is our call to action.” is — to explore, question and ultimately understand. It’s not about selling you on an idea. It’s about inviting you to join a journey of discovery.”

With India slowly but steadily moving forward in exploring the crypto sector, industry stakeholders have repeatedly reiterated the need for education and awareness about cryptocurrencies. In early February, crypto investment firm Mudrex started A free online Web3 education platform called Satoshi School. It allows registered users to access an array of educational resources including interactive quizzes, simulations, and summaries of crypto and Web3 related services.

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