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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Death toll rises to 143 from rains and floods in Brazil

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Death toll rises to 143 from rains and floods in Brazil

Rains caused widespread destruction in Brazil, Photo: File

Brasilia: The death toll from incessant rains and flooding in Brazil has risen to 143, with the country announcing $2.34 billion in emergency spending.

According to the World News Agency, the continuous rains and floods in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul since this month have caused widespread destruction. 125 people are still missing.

More than 537,000 people became homeless due to rains and floods. Infrastructure has been destroyed and hospitals are overflowing with patients. There is a lack of food and drink in the relief camps. The power system is also in disarray.

The government has announced about 12.1 billion reais, or $2.34 billion, in emergency spending to deal with the crisis. More than 60 billion reais of federal funds have already been disbursed.

Metsol, a weather forecaster in Brazil, has warned that more rain is expected in a couple of days. Citizens did not leave their homes unnecessarily. According to Brazilian scientists, unpredictable weather is intensifying due to climate change.

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