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Sunday, April 21, 2024
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Disappointing result rate in Linguistics subjects is the new scenario of academic decline in Karachi

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Disappointing result rate in Linguistics subjects is the new scenario of academic decline in Karachi

Karachi: The continuous decrease in the success rate of male and female students at the intermediate level in Karachi is showing a major educational decline in the city and in this regard, the most disturbing and surprising facts are coming out, according to which now students of all faculties The trend of linguistic subjects (Urdu and English) is almost disappearing.

In this regard, the official data received by “Express” from the Board of Higher Secondary Education Karachi shows that this year in all the faculties of Interyear 1, more than 33 thousand students have failed in Urdu and more than 36 thousand students have failed in English. .

This year, the number of students who failed in Urdu has increased by 13,000 compared to last year in all the faculties of the first inter-year, in English, this number is 7,000 more than last year.

In the first inter-year, this year in the faculties of pre-engineering, pre-medical, science general, commerce regular and commerce private, out of a total of 1 lakh 6 thousand 39 students, 31 percent of the students have failed in Urdu and about 34 percent in English, while in the year 2022 this number It was less than that.

A very complicated and dangerous situation has been revealed in the results of the year 2023 released a few days before the Interyear 1st Commerce Regular, where 15 thousand 257 students have failed in Urdu and 17 thousand 397 students in English, which is the total number of students participating in the exams. It is 44.6% and 50.8% respectively, that is, 44% students have failed in Urdu and 50% students have failed in English.

34 thousand 198 students appeared in the said examinations, while the situation in all the other faculties, including Commerce (Private), General Science, Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering, is also very disappointing.

The results of the inter-board have raised serious questions about the quality of teaching in government colleges, the attendance system of students in colleges, the teachers who teach there and their interest in teaching and the situation related to the monitoring system of the Department of College Education. Not only the results but also their ability is being affected.

In this regard, when “Express” contacted the convener of the fact-finding committee and vice-chancellor of NED University, Prof. Dr. Sarosh Lodhi, who revealed the reasons for the poor results in the intermediate board, he said, “The academic standards are therefore are getting worse because the majority of teachers are not teaching and because the quality of the teachers themselves is questionable.

He said that there is no monitoring system in our colleges, if the monitoring is done properly, it will have better effects, now the effects are showing that even at the university level, children are not able to speak English and Urdu properly. And neither can write proper English and Urdu, now there is a need for major operation in schools and colleges, we are facing more education crisis than economy”.

On the other hand, if we mention the other faculties of Interyear I, then the situation is ringing alarm bells there too, out of the total 30 thousand 512 students participating in Interyear I Science Pre-Medical Examinations 2023, 7 thousand 509 students in Urdu, 9 thousand 35 students in English paper. have failed whereas in 2022 the number of students who failed in Urdu was 4002 and the number of students who failed in English was 6439.

Moreover, a total of 23 thousand 944 students participated in the first inter-year pre-engineering exams in 2023, but in this too, 6 thousand 325 students failed in Urdu and 5 thousand 622 students failed in English, while the number of students who failed in Urdu in the previous exams of 2022 was 4. 22 thousand and the number of students who failed in English was 5 thousand 601.

Similarly, out of 15399 students who participated in the science general inter-year 1st exams 2023, 3164 students failed in Urdu and 2892 students failed in English.

Out of 1986 participating students, 953 students failed in Urdu and 1140 students failed in English in the inter-year 1st 2023 examinations in the Faculty of Commerce Pvt.

Interboard Karachi Chairman Prof. Naseem Memon when inquired by “Express” in this regard, he said that “We had re-examined the results of Commerce Regular if the student had left the copy blank which means that Students are not preparing properly.

He said that children are considering linguistics as easy, now if parents or children come and say that too much has happened to us, we will put a copy in front of them.

He further said that if the children are not interested, then the teacher is responsible to some extent, the student’s interest in the subject and the teacher’s teaching are interrelated. Credit also goes to the professor.

Irfan Shah, professor of Urdu at Siraj-ud-Dawla Government Boys College, said, “There is a big difference between the first and second year inter-year and A-level Urdu syllabus at the college level. The A-level syllabus is stimulating the imagination of students. While the government curriculum is changing despite the change, the student is inclined towards rote.

He said that students do not come to college, even if they come, they run away from the subject of Linguistics, while the pattern of notes of Urdu and English in coaching centers is made, the preparation of students is based on this specific pattern, if the exam paper is in this pattern. On the contrary, the student’s hands and feet swell, the student does not know what is the background of the English or Urdu poem or lesson.

He said that now Urdu is less related to the economy, so there is no passion for Urdu in our homes and children do not even have the ability to write.

Criticizing the attitude of Inter Board Karachi, Prof. Irfan Shah said that if 40 thousand students have taken the exam in a subject, 20 thousand copies will come for centralized assessment, the remaining 20 thousand will go to teachers’ homes, then Everyone knows what will happen to them.

He said that earlier the board used to issue examiner letters for assessment according to the set standards, now whoever wants to become an examiner, the quality of teachers coming from the private sector is not checked, copies of intermediate A level The difficulties of an intermediate student are handed over to the teacher who does not know when he got the book and how many months the classes have been in the collegeā€.

Nuzhat Fatima, mother of a student of Government College North Nazimabad, said that “Roman script used in mobile phone messages has deprived our students of linguistics, now our children can neither write Urdu nor English.” are

He said that if some difficult words are used during the conversation at home, they find out the meaning of it. The emphasis of the children is on the optional science subjects and they think about Urdu or English as the last time. Will see.

To a question, he said that now there is no tendency to study apart from textbooks, there are mobile phones and children all the time.

Apart from this, a student, Raees, who failed in both Urdu and English subjects, said that he had prepared these two subjects from the notes received from the coaching center instead of the textbook, but these notes were also taken out some time before the exam. There were, some parts of the paper were completely different from what I remembered from these notes.

On a question, he said that we used to go to college only for practical, but no one from the college obliged us to take classes strictly.

The said student said that he did not benefit much from getting grace marks in other subjects because he could not pass all the subjects of inter-year 1 due to not getting grace marks in Urdu and English.

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