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Expressing solidarity with Palestine at Karachi University; The Vice Chancellor started the campaign

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Expressing solidarity with Palestine at Karachi University; The Vice Chancellor started the campaign

The vice chancellor of the University of Karachi is starting the signature campaign on the Solidarity Wall (Photo: Express News).

Karachi: A campaign to show solidarity with Palestine has started in University of Karachi, which was officially launched by the vice chancellor.

The signature campaign on the “wall of solidarity” established in the University of Karachi against the Israeli aggression in support of the oppressed Muslims of Palestine was started by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Karachi Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood Iraqi.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the campaign, Dean of Islamic Studies Dr. Zahid Ali Zahidi, Dean of Fine Arts Dr. Shaista Tabasim and Dean of Sciences (Science) Dr. Tabasim also signed their signatures, followed by a large number of teachers, students and employees of the University of Karachi. Artis gathered in the lobby and participated in the signature campaign.

The vice chancellor of Karachi University, Dr. Khalid Iraqi, while talking to the teachers and students, condemned the Israeli atrocities on the Palestinians and said that those who raise their voice against the rights and atrocities on themselves, it is also necessary for us to Raise your voice for them. He said that this activity is an expression of the thought that we are all with the Palestinians, it is our responsibility to help them.

It should be noted that the solidarity wall and signature campaign established in the University of Karachi to express sympathy and solidarity with the Palestinian Muslims is considered to be a link of the ongoing protest movement in the American and European universities, where the students of the universities there from the American and European governments. They are demanding to end all kinds of cooperation, including the supply of arms.

This series will continue on Wednesday at the University of Karachi, where on May 15, the day of the establishment of Israel and the beginning of oppression and aggression against Palestinian Muslims.

will be observed as a black day. On this day, Karachi University teachers, employees and students will take out a protest rally as an expression of solidarity with the Palestinians. The Solidarity Wall at University of Karachi has been created in collaboration with the Palestine Academic Forum and the University of Karachi Teachers Association in the renowned Arts Lobby, where a 33 meter long banner is displayed.

On the wall of solidarity established in the arts lobby, other texts including “Wall of solidarity, stop genocide in Palestine, we stand in solidarity with Palestinians” are written in English, while the flags of Pakistan and Palestine are made in addition to the logo of University of Karachi. .

For more updates and exciting news, you can visit the ABC Express website.

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