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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Flying taxis and drone services introduced for Haj pilgrims

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Flying taxis and drone services introduced for Haj pilgrims

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Haj pilgrims will see modern technology in Saudi Arabia this year.

According to Arab media reports, the Saudi government is going to introduce flying taxis and drone services this year for the smooth and safe journey of Hajj pilgrims.

Saudi Transport and Logistics Services Minister Saleh Al-Jasser has told Arab media that flying taxis and drone services will be tested during the Hajj this year to ensure seamless operations and a comfortable stay for our guests. To provide maximum convenience during

He said that there is intense competition between various transportation companies to provide viable products in the coming years.

Saleh Al Jasir added that the rulers are carefully reviewing the sustainability aspect of the facilitation measures in the future.

He said that the transport sector has seen a gradual expansion so it is very important that the ministry introduces new technology and determines the best way to use it for the benefit of the pilgrims.

Pakistan’s Ministry of Religious Affairs Spokesperson Muhammad Umar praised the Saudi authorities for this initiative and said that this initiative shows the determination of the Saudi authorities to ensure the comfort and convenience of the pilgrims through modern technology.

For more updates and exciting news, you can visit the ABC Express website.

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