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Google Maps redesign brings a clutter-free interface for directions, new bottom sheet design

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Google Maps redesign brings a clutter-free interface for directions, new bottom sheet design

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Google Maps Android has reportedly received a major quality-of-life update, which will make certain parts of the interface much easier to navigate. According to a report, Google has reworked how the user interface (UI) appears in the app when searching for directions, ditching the full screen in favor of a sliding sheet layout at the bottom. Additionally, Google Maps has also upgraded the location interface that appears when a user clicks on a historical site for more information about it. It is not certain whether the redesign will be rolled out to customers. iOS.

There was a new interface. saw Screenshots shared by 9to5Google, and the publication show the redesigned Google Maps UI. According to the report, the Directions search results page received the most significant upgrade. Previously, the top of the page was filled with search fields and side-to-side transport options, while the bottom part would display travel estimates with time buttons.Preview, stepsAnd Pin.

In the new interface, search fields are no longer bordered and are instead centered in rectangular boxes with curved edges. The top and sides of the screen still show the map. The transport options have also been moved down to adopt a sheet layout with a background sheet. Further, clicking on a particular transport mode does not open it in full-screen mode, and instead only expands the bottom sheet with the map still visible in the background.

This new layout looks less cluttered and more immersive, while the removal of the full-screen transport selection window enables users to switch between different options and see map changes side-by-side. These are also according to it. Material Design 3 Guidelines For using the bottom sheets in apps.

Apart from this, changes have also been made to the interface. Location and venues section, according to the report. A similar sheet layout can be seen when any location is tapped on Google Maps. Android Appsheets are again not full screen, and a bit of the top of the map can still be seen which both feels more immersive and can be of practical use for adding context to the page. A new location sheet also comes with it. Share it And Close Button

Earlier this week, Google Maps began a wider rollout of another notable feature. Upgrade In Android app where weather forecast overlay was added. The feature adds a small box around the left corner of the map browser that displays the current weather within the app as well as the Air Quality Index (AQI) whenever available. This feature has been available to iOS users for several years, albeit in a more simplified configuration.

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