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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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‘Hey, you are madam!’

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‘Hey, you are madam!’

Is it just the manner of speaking that is respected or is it actually respected? . Photo: File

If someone calls you ‘ma’am’ and you are a ‘working woman’, you will know the meaning of this ‘insult’ very well.

By the way, in our society educated or working women are addressed as ‘madam’, but the question is, do those who say such things respect them from the heart as well as ‘madam’? Do the people around them behave like madam and do they get the same respect, privileges, ranks and rights?

According to a survey, employed married women not only do more physical work than their husbands, but also suffer from more mental and psychological stress.

We also know and the general trend is that generally employed women, whether married or unmarried, have to do more housework than men.

According to a British journal study, women around the world do three times as much care and housework as men. If we talk about Pakistan, the only difference between an educated woman who works from home or a maid who goes from house to house is education, whether the earning woman is educated or uneducated, and the attitude of the household members. And the treatment is more or less the same with both.

Traditionally, women’s responsibility is considered to be only housework, but what about those women who are also shouldering the economic responsibility of their husbands.

In today’s economic conditions, running a household on one man’s salary has become not only difficult, but almost impossible. This is why women who work outside the home do not work alongside men, but more than them. They have to work both at home and office.

The first opposition to working women starts from their own homes. In many families it is considered ‘improper’ or ‘immoral’ for a woman to work. This is why the ‘you are doing your hobby’, ‘someone has forced you to do a job’ attitude and phrase is common torture for working women in general.

Last year, Pakistan was ranked 142nd in the Global Gender Gap Index ranking. Which means that in terms of gender equality, Pakistan was included in the few worst countries where gender equality is either only in papers or in speeches!

Practical progress on gender equality in our society still seems like a dream. When the male of the house (whether educated or not) comes home after working outside, more or less the whole house, especially the mother, is scattered behind him, while a woman of the same house (an earning daughter-in-law , sister or daughter) before going to work and after coming home from work are expected to prepare breakfast etc. and complete the rest upon return. This is a small example, which is the story of every home.

Gentlemen are so tired when they come back from work that water is served to them by a member of the house, while women who come from work all day get a cup of tea by themselves. It has to be made.

This does not mean at all that women do not do housework or do not fulfill their responsibilities, but if a woman can help a man in running the house, then men can also help women in doing household chores. Can also give a feeling of being equal and special.

There is no doubt that Allah has made woman perfect in every respect. She has an unparalleled power to create, nurture and change the situation, but discrimination against women, abuse, deprivation of basic rights like education, health is not only a problem of backward or rural households, but of this unfair attitude. Women from highly educated families are also victims.

Overall, women make up almost half of the world’s population, while women are the mainstay of society, in whose embrace generations thrive and learn. A woman plays an important role in the education of seven generations.

The most prominent role in the rise and fall of society is that of a woman. That is why it is said that the foundation of an educated society is an educated and moral woman. If women suffer from lack of feeling, fear and humiliation, then such generations will grow up, who will be deprived of courage, courage, courage, self-respect and self-control.

Until we provide equal opportunities to women in the society. Will not create a favorable environment based on equality for them, until then the practical concept of improvement in the society and in any sector is not possible.

In order to apply gender equality in practice in a developed society, it is necessary to revise the stereotyped ideas and attitudes in the society. Women should be treated as human beings by machines, as much as a man is treated.

There is a need in our society that women who are called ‘Madam’ should be respected by their office colleagues and family members as well as ‘Madam’.

In addition, if achieving gender equality in practice requires only changes in laws, they should also be applied in a meaningful way. If women want to give themselves a place and importance in the society, then it is necessary to change the existing social attitudes in the society. Otherwise, ‘madam’ will be limited to word limits only. Intellectually and practically will never be applicable.

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