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Important message of PTI founder Imran Khan from jail

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Important message of PTI founder Imran Khan from jail

The founder of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf has said that if you want to keep me in jail, then keep it, but the rest of the people should be released.

While talking to the journalists on the occasion of the hearing in the court established in Adiala Jail, the founder of PTI said that he wants to ask the Chief Justice to listen to the petition of PTI on May 25.

He said that a judicial commission should be formed to investigate the May 9 incidents, no judicial inquiry has been conducted on these incidents so far.

Founder PTI Chief Justice Qazi Faiz Isa CC ordered to recover all the TV footage of this incident, those who stole the CCTV footage are responsible for May 9.

He said that concealing the information of the crime is also a crime, a political party is being abolished on the basis of May 9, all this is going on under the London plan.

On one occasion, he said that all the cases of Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz and Asif Zardari were terminated, Nawaz Sharif took a Mercedes car for six lakhs from Tosha Khana, Zardari took 3 cars from Tosha Khana which cannot be taken legally. The PTI founder said that those with corruption records are being cleared.

He said that a judicial inquiry should be conducted on February 8 as well, because of the rigged election, the Senate election is not legal, the majority was turned into a minority in the elections.

The founder of PTI said that if you want to keep me in jail, then let the rest of the people be released.

He said that if the US official Donald Low accepted the regime change, the pressure would have come on the entire Biden government.

Donald Lowe’s statement should be re-inquired, the American ambassador did not come to meet me in jail, when we meet, I will discuss Donald Lowe’s statement and the role of the American Embassy.

If the beneficiaries of the overthrow of the government sit in the government, how will the inquiry be? This is what I would like to say about Rana Sanaullah’s statement, this is what mafias do, we are the people of February 8 and compete politically.

The PTI founder further said that he does not know about the forward block of 40 MPs in Punjab.


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