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Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 gets a new game plus, more suits and a developer menu bug that hints at DLC in the new update.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 gets a new game plus, more suits and a developer menu bug that hints at DLC in the new update.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Version 1.002.000 has received the update, finally bringing the much-requested New Game+ mod, new suits for both heroes, and a host of new quality-of-life features. The latest patch also adds options for replaying missions, changing the game time of day and some easy access options. The Spider-Man 2 update, however, also brought an unintended bug. The developer Insomnia games Confirmed that the patch could give players access to the development game menu, which could affect save files and trophy progress.

Insomniac has detailed the new features in version 1.002.000. Continued note on Thursday, confirming that the update was live. PS5 The consumer highlight, of course, is the new Game+ mode, which allows players who have completed the game to return to the story while retaining all of their skills and gear upgrades.

Spider-Man 2 will come with NG+ Ultimate Levels, which allow players to go beyond the base game level cap in the mode. New Game+ will also unlock new symbiote suit styles along with Ultimate Level progression in the story, new golden skins for gadgets, a shared suit tech slot for both Spider-Man, and for the trophy hunters out there. — a new PlayStation trophy for completing Game in NG+ mode.

Players can now also replay specific missions from the story and change the time of day in the game. This can be done by going to ‘Time of Day’ in the Gameplay section of the Settings menu. Additionally, players can also change the symbiote tendril colors to their liking.

The update also features new Spider-Man suits, including two new suits inspired by Hellfire Gala designs for both Peter and Miles. Both heroes will also receive two new suits as part of the Fly N’ Fresh Suit Pack – the suits will be paid for, available for $4.99, with proceeds going to Gameheads, the U.S. I have a games industry training program for low-income youth. .

Other new features include photo mode tweaks, audio description for in-game cinematics, a screen reader for text on menus, tutorials, and control gestures, and more. You can refer to the full list of features in Insomniac’s release notes.

Also Insomniac Games Confirmed X said in a post on Thursday that the update could give some players access to the developer menu, which could prevent file and trophy progression corruption. “We are aware that the latest game update inadvertently allowed access to the development game menu. A hotfix is ​​on the way,” the studio said.

However, some players seem to be overwhelmed by the developer’s options and Allegedly Found references to missions that aren’t in the game, which could point to upcoming DLC. While Insomniac has yet to confirm a story-based expansion for the game, Spider-Man 2 includes some open-ended story threads that can be explored in later DLC. of 2018 Marvel’s Spider-Man Also received a story extension, The City That Never Sleeps.

Players can now download the latest 1.002.000 update on PS5. Insomniac has noted that there is a second update that immediately follows the first and that players will need to download both to access all the new features.

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