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Petition against new prices of bread, DC Islamabad and Advocate General Talb

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Petition against new prices of bread, DC Islamabad and Advocate General Talb

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The Islamabad High Court summoned the Deputy Commissioner Islamabad and the Advocate General on May 10 on a petition filed against the new notification of bread and bread prices in the federal capital.

Justice Tariq Mehmood Jahangiri of the Supreme Court, while hearing the petition of the Baker Association, suspended the notification today and rejected the request to issue an injunction.

Justice Tariq Mahmood Jahangiri asked how many rupees the tandoor owners want to sell bread? If the price of wheat decreased, then what is the problem?

Barrister Umar Ejaz Geelani, lawyer of Nanbai Association, replied that in Islamabad, Nan Roti cannot be sold at the prices of Tala Gang, Chakwal and Attock, in the new notification, the price of 100 grams of Roti is Rs 16, with the district administration. We are ready to sit even today, let them talk to us, one roti is costing us about 21 rupees but we are ready to sell it for 20 rupees, the management has created an ego problem, about 30 tandoors have been sold since yesterday. have been done.

Justice Tariq Mehmood Jahangiri inquired how many cases have been registered in Islamabad so far?

President Nanbai Association said that there are 2 cases against me, about 30 ovens have been sealed and 60 people are under arrest.

Barrister Umar Ejaz Geelani, counsel for Nonbuy Association, said that the notification of the official price list has not been published till date but the ovens are being sealed, a notification issued earlier which was stayed by this court, told the court. That the notification was withdrawn, then this news was denied in the media, the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad has issued the notification of Rawalpindi for Islamabad as well.

The Islamabad High Court issued notices to the parties and adjourned the hearing till Friday.

The Supreme Court also issued a notice for Friday on the application for injunction.

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