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Prince Harry walking on ‘signs’ of ‘deep rift’ with Kate Middleton

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Prince Harry walking on ‘signs’ of ‘deep rift’ with Kate Middleton

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Prince Harry is reaping what he sowed during Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis.

The Duke of Sussex, who is isolated and away from his family in the UK, caused a deep rift by talking about brother Prince William and sister-in-law Kate in his memoir.

Talk TV’s royal editor Sarah Hewson noted the reason Harry was not told about Kate’s cancer ahead of time.

“They [William and Kate] Harry and Meghan didn’t trust that information because they didn’t know if it could get out there and I think that gives us an indication of how deep the rift is.”

“Harry will consider that, he loves Kate, he has spoken of her in the past as the ‘sister’ he never had and always wanted”, a genuine relationship between them. was,

“But she’s said some terrible things on Netflix and some things that William is very angry about, protective of his wife. And I think some of that is for him. Must have had some perspective,” she notes.

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Prince Harry’s recent behavior may be indicating a deepening rift with his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton. Some royal insiders have noted that Harry has been somewhat distant from Kate in recent months, with their interactions becoming more strained and less frequent.

One key sign of this potential rift is the fact that Harry and Meghan Markle recently decided to step down from their roles as senior members of the royal family and move to Canada. This move has been seen as a snub to the rest of the royal family, including Kate and Prince William, as it effectively removes Harry and Meghan from their roles as working royals and puts them at a distance from the rest of the family.

Additionally, Harry’s recent comments about his relationship with William have also raised eyebrows, with Harry admitting that the two brothers are on “different paths” and have their disagreements. While he did not directly mention Kate in these comments, it is clear that there may be some underlying tension between Harry and his brother’s wife.

Overall, Harry’s behavior and recent decisions seem to be pointing to a growing rift with Kate Middleton, which may be causing strain within the royal family. Only time will tell how this situation plays out and whether or not the two can mend their relationship.

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