Rakhi Sawant’s tumor surgery successful

Rakhi Sawant's tumor surgery successful
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Rakhi Sawant’s tumor surgery successful

Photo: Screen grab

Mumbai: Indian actress and model Rakhi Sawant underwent tumor surgery, ex-husband also shared the video.

According to Indian media, Rakhi Sawant underwent surgery on May 18. Doctors removed a 10 cm tumor from the actress’ uterus.

Ahead of the surgery, Rakhi Sawant’s ex-husband Ritesh Singh posted a video on his official Instagram handle in which the actress can be seen being wheeled inside the operation theater.

Ritishan Singh said in his post that seeing Rakhi Sawant in pain is heartbreaking but I am sure she will recover soon.

He further said that Rakhi Sawant is missing her mother a lot in this difficult time and is also appealing to Indians to vote.

On Ritesh Singh’s post, Rakhi Sawant’s fans also sent prayer messages for the complete recovery of the actress.

It should be noted that on May 15, Rakhi Sawant was admitted to the hospital due to unwellness, the pictures of which also went viral.

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