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rewrite this title Drake fires up crowd for Lil Wayne’s set on ‘It’s All A Blur Tour’

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Drake called out the audience for being underwhelmed by Lil Wayne during a performance on the Its All A Blur Tour. Despite the initial lackluster response, Drake hyped up the crowd and praised Lil Wayne as the greatest rapper of all time, leading to thunderous applause. The dynamic duo then delivered a powerhouse performance, leaving fans in awe of their enduring camaraderie and making it a memorable night in hip-hop history. The show, which was part of Lil Wayne’s first stop on a tour alongside Drake and J. Cole, ended on a high note with the electrified crowd fully engaged and entertained.

Drake fires up crowd for Lil Wayne’s set on ‘It’s All A Blur Tour’

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Drake called out audience for their underwhelmed reception of hip hop idol Lil Wayne during the Its All A Blur Tour – Big As The What?

On an electrifying night, Drizzy was joined by his longtime partner Lil Wayne on stage during a performance in Sunrise, Florida. The show marked Weezy’s first stop of six nights alongside Champagne Papi and J. Cole.

However, as the electrified crowd was joined by Wayne belting out his greatest hit, it delivered an unenthusiastic response, prompting Drake to make a dramatic entrance and hail his idol.

“Hold on, hold on, because these are my favourite moments in life right now,” the Canadian rapper exclaimed, hyping up the audience.

“From the top of the mountain emerged the m*****f****** greatest rapper of all time. Florida, if y’all don’t make some f****** noise for my brother, Lil Wayne, in here tonight,”, he added as the crowd erupted in thunderous applause.

Despite the minor setback, the dynamic duo delivered a powerhouse performance, setting the arena on fire and marking a memorable night in hip-hop history with fans left in awe of their enduring camaraderie.

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