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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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School principal sacked for supporting Palestine

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School principal sacked for supporting Palestine

Photo courtesy of Indian Media

An Indian school management fired its principal for liking a pro-Palestinian post.

According to foreign media reports, there has been a new incident of support for Israel and hatred against Muslims on the part of the management of a well-known school in Mumbai.

The school administration fired its principal, Parveen Shaikh, saying he had liked pro-Palestinian posts during the recent conflict between Hamas and Israel.

The school administration issued a statement on social media platform X on May 2 saying that Parveen Shaikh’s personal social media activities are not compatible with the values ​​of the educational institution.

He also said that considering the seriousness of the matter, Parveen Shaikh has been asked to resign from the post until the administration completes the investigation into his action.

The management dismissed the school principal after completing the investigation.

Expressing surprise at the political ambitions of the school administration, Principal Parveen Shaikh termed his dismissal as completely illegal, harsh and unnecessary.

Parveen Shaikh was associated with this school for the last 12 years and was the principal for 7 years.

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