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Smartphone users beware of the new wave of fakes!

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Smartphone users beware of the new wave of fakes!

Experts have warned smartphone users about a new wave of fakes from cybercriminals.

According to a blog post published by Keeper Security, cybercriminals are using artificial intelligence to extract private information from users.

The clone technology, called DeepFax, works by duplicating the voices of customers’ friends, relatives and even customer service representatives.

Artificial intelligence forgeries are done in two steps involving voice imitation and social engineering.

First, fraudsters collect voice samples from the target’s friends and then try to replicate them using AI voice cloning technology.

After the fake voice is created, the fraudsters execute the second part of the attack. Fraudsters call the target and establish trust using a crafted voice.

Fraudsters call the target, pretending to be their acquaintance, to share financial problems with someone in the family and request immediate financial assistance.

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