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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Surgeons Make Shocking Discovery of Live Fish Inside Man’s Abdomen

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A man in Vietnam was found to have a 30cm-long eel living inside his body, causing severe abdominal pain. Doctors discovered the eel after the patient, who had been admitted to a hospital with groaning in pain, underwent ultrasound and X-ray examinations. Surgeons successfully removed the eel during an operation, and the patient is recovering. The man could not explain how the eel got inside him, but doctors suspect it entered through his anus and made its way to his abdomen. The case was described as rare by the doctors, who were surprised to find the eel alive inside the patient.

Surgeons discover live fish from man’s abdomen

This image released on March 22, 2024, by Metro UK shows a doctor holding an eel with medical equipment during a surgery in Vietnam. — Jaam Press

Surgeons were stunned to witness an unusual event in Vietnam when a person complaining of abdominal pain came to the hospital and let the medical experts operate on him.

When the person was admitted to a hospital in the province of Quang Ninh, he was groaning with severe pain, according to a Geo TV report.

The Diagnosis

After the ultrasound and X-ray examination, doctors found that he had some kind of living being in his body.

They could not identify it but only could see that there were punctures in his organ, causing swelling and immense pain. They decided to operate the 34-year-old and discovered a 30cm-long eel — a narrow-bodied elongated fish — living inside his body.

Successful Operation

The operators successfully removed the eel and the patient has begun to recover from his complaint.

The man could not tell how the eel got inside his body but according to doctors, it entered through his anus then into his intestine before making its way to his abdomen.

The report quoted doctors as saying that they were stunned that the eel was alive as they removed it.

Dr. Pham Manh Hung was also quoted as saying: “This is a rare case, the rectum is a site with abundant faecal matter and prone to infection.”

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