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The beauty of creation and the power of life –

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The beauty of creation and the power of life –

Fine arts also create a connection between man and the universe, but they do not achieve its original purpose. The fact is that the beauty of the universe is a part of the Islamic ideology and through it the breadth of the self, the depth of the imagination and the insight of the perception are created and the purpose of this is to reach Allah Subhanahu Taala and thus art merges with faith and materialism. The sense becomes aligned with the spiritual sense.

Due to this breadth and comprehensiveness, the inner world of man becomes dull and dull, and man becomes a righteous man, because due to the wideness of his horizons and at the same time due to the establishment of his relationship with Allah, his self. The curtains are removed from the front and the barriers are removed.

One result of this heightened universality is that man begins to love all living beings because when man realizes a connection between himself and the entire living universe through the relationship of the soul, he feels a living connection emerging within him. and he begins to feel a loving connection with all living beings.

The discussion of living beings in the Holy Quran, whether they are plants or animals, creates this feeling in the human soul and man begins to feel a deep spiritual connection with these beings and thus in every human being for every living being. A relationship is born of love and even this relationship exists even when a person is defending himself from the persecution of an animal and even then there is a feeling of love and tenderness in the heart of a person. Is.

This feeling and the sense of connection with the entire universe is very effective in removing the civilization of the human soul and its harshness and violence, because by making the self accustomed to this soft, delicate and subtle sense of connection and consciousness The laziness which arises in him from materialistic and real life behavior and striving for sustenance is removed and this laziness is embedded in the human body like poison and makes it ineffective. So it is very important to remove it. Because just as the body suffers from diseases due to the accumulation of acidity in food, so the self also becomes ill due to the concentration of samumita and this samumita passion of the self is away from love, which is actually the lofty and transparent spirit which The greatness of man is reflected in me and which is the fragrance of the spiritual breath which Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala has breathed into the clay fist. And this is the love for everything with wide limits that Islam and the Quran creates in the human soul.

In the same way, Islam creates a relationship of love and affection between man and man, even man loves those other men who cause him pain in the ways of life and cause him agony. The fact is that the constant worship of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala and the continuous and continuous effort to achieve His pleasure creates a feeling of love for other human beings in the depths of human consciousness because all human beings are creations of Allah and they are co-creators. Brothers are brothers and all human beings are born from clay and in terms of this creative nature they are brothers and all human beings have to turn to Allah.

Due to this rule and regulation in the depths of the soul, the conflict of evil in people is a temporary condition that disappears and security is the original and direct state of life (Normal) while war and conflict is an abnormal condition (Abnormal). There is a situation, no matter how long this fight and conflict and no matter how long this war lasts and no matter how long the persecution reaches its end, but there will be no hatred between the people of mankind, but they will continue to feel evil in their hearts. and expect that at some point they will be guided and turn away from rebellion. On the contrary, even if this hope is cut off and this expectation is also ended, if evil is completely overshadowed and the war is overshadowed, still because of the high human spirit that prevails over the canes, this war will not be like the war of wild animals and this I will not create such brutality and brutality.

The purpose of life is not to fulfill the biological demands of the human body. Rather, there is a beauty and beauty in the nature of life and life beyond this need, and this beauty and beauty is manifested in fulfilling these needs and these needs.

To explain this matter, it is necessary to take a look at this vast universe so that the knowledge and insight of man about the beauty of the universe can increase. Is all this beauty and beauty just a fulfillment of a need or does this beauty and beauty have a purpose beyond the need?

Scientists say that the purpose of flowers is for bees to obtain honey from it, which is food and healing for humans, and that these flowers also perform the duty of pollination. But as far as the bee is concerned, it does not need so much beauty in the flowers, because the bee is a simple creature, and where it sits on a very beautiful and beautiful flower, it is a It usually sits on the flower, so there is no need for so much beauty and beauty in the flowers just because of the bee and just out of necessity, but the fact is that the biological purposes are so much better than a simple flower. They are fulfilled in the way that they are fulfilled by the most beautiful flower.

Study without looking at the beauty of nature. Is the beauty of the dawn, the beauty of the dawn, the awe-inspiring mountain, the wave after wave of the ocean, the moonlit night, the bright sun of the morning, the dark shadows of the evening and the whispering universe, all just imposed by biological necessity and is it all this? Life could not exist without beauty.

Are these seductive faces, these chiseled faces of beauty and beauty, these beautiful eyes that laugh and speak and this light of the beauty of the soul emanating from the facial expressions is just a biological necessity (Biological Necessity)? And don’t the needs of food, drink and breath be fulfilled in every way, good or bad? And isn’t sex itself fulfilled in every male and female regardless of beauty? Of course, this is beauty and is not a mere biological necessity, but Allah has created nature in such a way that it does not perform biological actions out of mere necessity, but it performs them with excellence and beauty and beauty.

(Islamic system of training by Muhammad Qutb)


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