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The launch of the Apple foldable iPhone is said to be delayed until the first quarter of 2027.

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The launch of the Apple foldable iPhone is said to be delayed until the first quarter of 2027.

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apple It is believed to be working on a lineup of foldable devices. While the Cupertino, California-based company hasn’t revealed its plans for foldables, recent reports and filed patents suggest the company is working on a foldable. iPhonethe iPad, and a device with a large display called MacBook. Earlier this month, a report claimed that a foldable iPhone could debut in 2026. Now, a new report suggests that Apple has pushed back the launch of its first foldable phone to as early as 2027.

Korean outlet Alphabuzz, which previously claimed the foldable iPhone would likely be released in late 2026, said in a new statement. Reports That the device will be launched in the first quarter of 2027. Citing an official familiar with Apple’s internal plans, the report said that Apple had delayed its plans for a foldable phone due to reasons related to supply and demand.

“I understand that Apple plans to start sales of the foldable iPhone a little later than expected after fully preparing all aspects, including the demand and supply of the foldable display,” the official was quoted as saying. Previously reported to be ready for the fourth quarter of 2026, the foldable Apple phone is now said to be delayed until the first quarter of 2027.

However, the report noted that the selection of suppliers for components such as the foldable display for the device was expected to go ahead as originally planned.

Earlier this month, the same publication claimedAccording to a senior Apple official, the foldable iPhone will be launched in 2026. “Since it’s released later than its competitors, we know the focus will be on advanced technologies,” the official was quoted as saying at the time.

The official claimed that the foldable iPhone will be thinner and lighter than the competition, with a special focus on preventing crease marks on the folding screen. Apple has reportedly applied to patent a technology that reduces wrinkles and creases along the display’s folding axis.

Apple has yet to reveal its plans for a foldable device even though the company is lagging behind rivals. Samsung And Google In the product category. Samsung has released five generations of clamshell and book-style foldable phones, while Google has launched Pixel Fold Last year and is reported to be working on a second-generation Pixel foldable.

The shift and conflicting reports surrounding Apple’s foldable products have added to the uncertainty about its plans for the segment. The company has been expanding. Reported Working on a foldable iPad. Earlier this month, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Ko claimed That will be Apple’s first foldable 20.3-inch MacBook, which will likely enter mass production in 2027.

Last month, there was a tipster claimed Chinese social media site Weibo has said that Apple had halted development of the foldable iPhone due to problems with the folding display.

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