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Sunday, May 19, 2024
HomeHeadlinesThe situation that happened in Azad Kashmir is alarming, Hafiz Naeemur Rehman

The situation that happened in Azad Kashmir is alarming, Hafiz Naeemur Rehman

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The situation that happened in Azad Kashmir is alarming, Hafiz Naeemur Rehman

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Amir Jamaat-e-Islami Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman has said that the situation in Azad Kashmir is alarming.

Talking to the media in Karachi, Hafiz Naeemur Rahman said that Azad fully supports the problems of the people of Kamsher, it is a pity that this situation happened last year too and agreements were made.

He said that when they do not provide anything to the people, there will be outrage, miscreants also join the protest, they do not support them, on one side there is a small farmer with thousands of acres of land.

Hafiz Naeemur Rahman says that the Punjab government formed on Farm 47 is not buying wheat, in the general elections, more votes were received in Karachi than in the municipal elections, Jamaat-e-Islami is an organized party, no one is following the family.

The Amir of Jamaat-e-Islami said that the voice of Karachi will carry itself and the entire Jamaat throughout Pakistan. Karachi is the gem of Pakistan, it cannot be left alone. Karachi should get its due.

He says that the People’s Party has done too much and did not count the people in the census, the People’s Party, MQM and PML-N have all undercounted the people. Do it, change 3 to 4 governments but don’t make four plans, packages keep coming but don’t make four.

Hafiz Naeemur Rehman said that the summer is increasing, there is a water crisis in Karachi, the S3 plan of sewage has not been made by the government, the circular railway has not been made many times, the red line has created difficulties for the citizens. , 3 lakh 64 thousand children are giving the matriculation exam, we saw that the children are sitting on the ground while giving the exam, they will keep talking about electricity problems.

Amir Jamaat-e-Islami says that how the arms reached the raw areas, tell the government, people are not traveling outside Sukkur on the highway at night, robbers have taken away the cameras on the roads, the robbers are targeting the business class of the Hindu community. They are annoying.

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