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Well Done Team Hockey Pakistan

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Well Done Team Hockey Pakistan

The rise of cricket in the country is a good thing, but the decline of hockey should also be a cause for concern. Photo: Facebook

Pakistan hockey team reached the final after 13 years in the Azlan Shah tournament, they faced Japan in the final. The Pakistani team performed brilliantly in the final match, the match was tied with two goals each during the scheduled time, the matter went to penalty stroke, luck was with Japan.

Japanese athletes won the penalty stroke stage. But the Pakistan team won the hearts of the Pakistani people by playing in a lively and energetic manner. After a long time, Pakistan’s hockey team has reached the final in a major tournament, which is certainly a matter of hope and encouragement for hockey lovers.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that the players of Pakistan hockey team performed brilliantly during the tournament and reached the final. Pakistan team also performed well in the final against Japan. Losing is part of the game. .

The national hockey team’s excellent performance in the Azlan Shah Hockey Tournament has created feelings of happiness and satisfaction in the nation. did it.

Hockey is the national sport of Pakistan, Pakistan has been the world champion of hockey four times. Be it the Hockey World Cup, Champions Trophy tournament or the Asia Cup, the experts used to declare Pakistan as the winner and talk about who will be the second and third position only.

Any nation is recognized by its civilization, culture and sports. In the recent past, the Pakistan hockey team had a prominent position in the world, but due to various reasons, this status gradually decreased. , World Cup, Olympic, Champions Trophy, Asian Games, Pakistani team dominated everywhere. In the era of radio commentary, the hotel or the shop where the commentary of a hockey match was being heard, there used to be a crowd. The passion and enthusiasm of the people was spectacular.

Big hockey matches were shown in cinemas, where there was a rush. When the age of TV came, the attendance in schools, colleges and offices would have decreased on the day of the match. During the important hockey match, the hearts of Pakistanis used to beat along with their players. This game was not just a national game in name but it was the most popular game of the nation. Pakistan has produced numerous famous hockey players whose name alone was enough to make the opposing team nervous.

From the 60’s to the 90’s, the hockey team used to witness such mind-boggling scenes of lightning speed and dodging dribbling. There were many players, including Salahuddin and Samiullah, who would have reached the ball before the opponent team’s penalty corner master could hit, thus the penalty corner would have been wasted. Among the great hockey players are Tauqeer Dar, Naseer Banda, Rasheed Al Hasan, Rasheed Jr., Manzoor Jr., Shahnaz Sheikh, Akhtar Rasool, Salahuddin, Samiullah, Kaleemullah, Hasan Sardar, Qasim Zia, Shahbaz Sr., Tahir Zaman, Sohail Abbas and Others include

Due to the coaching of Pakistani players, that country also became so proficient in the game of hockey that today they have the first-class hockey teams. The main reason for the decline of the national sport is the government’s indifference to the sport. Hockey used to be the most popular sport, but the government sponsored sports that were monopolized by certain classes.

In the past, inter-school hockey tournaments were organized, then there were inter-collegiate competitions, every college and university had hockey teams. The government used to employ hockey players, training camps were set up for the training of young players, there were teams of government departments. The hockey teams of Customs, PIA and Banks used to be popular, but gradually the national sport started to decline due to lack of interest of the government, lack of funds, low remuneration of hockey players.

Most of the expectations and high hopes of winning the title in the Olympics have been from the national sport of hockey and by no means we have ruled the world of hockey in the past but the end of the decline has also been seen. Pakistan has failed to qualify for several world tournaments. . The question is, how can the national game be promoted? In fact there are many factors that are responsible for the falling quality in hockey, no matter how many academies are opened until grassroots level work is done the situation will remain the same.

The destruction of hockey is from 25 years ago, the infrastructure has weakened, politics has increased, the focus on the game has decreased, the earlier successes were due to the strengthening of domestic infrastructure. During this period we were Olympic champions, world champions, Asian champions. There was a lot of talent, under-16, under-18 and under-20 players were available, with replacements for every senior player. Then this infrastructure has been destroyed due to which Pakistan Hockey has fallen to the lower ranks in the world rankings.

Pakistan is left with a handful of players to rotate them around, until the grassroots structure of hockey is restored, domestic tournaments are not maximized, hockey players should be paid at par with cricket players. If we are to regain lost ground, we have to focus on the school level. Especially the penalty corner, goalkeeping has to be strengthened. A lot of attention will have to be paid to the fitness of the players, because our fitness is not world class.

We have to restore grass root level infrastructure, work on educational institutions and hockey clubs until we work on this, our problems will remain the same. It used to be that players who played in school got admission in college, similarly boys in college team got admission in professional colleges and universities.

The financial status of the federation, the lack of sponsors and the lack of interest of the government have made hockey disappear from the fields. Many good young hockey players are in poor financial position. Recently Pakistan Hockey Federation has given central contract to national hockey players which is a welcome development.

This will reduce the worries of the players and they will be able to perform better. Hockey teams stopped being formed in schools and colleges and institutions. As long as the financial issues are not addressed, the interest of the youth in the game of hockey cannot be generated. In the present situation, why should the students of schools, colleges and universities play hockey, because if a student works hard, he can reach the national team. If he goes, his financial position will not improve.

In Holland, Germany, Spain, Australia and England, every student in government and private schools and colleges has to participate in three games, which you can call the beginning of their success. Today, Japan and South Korea, even China’s hockey team are playing well.

The rise of cricket in the country is a good thing, but there should be concern about the decline of hockey. There are many such sports, if the government and institutions pay attention to them, Pakistan can become an important country in the world of sports, kabaddi, volleyball and football. I our talent is unmatched, with a little attention Pakistan can achieve world fame in these sports.

Many jobs can be developed by conducting these sports events. The present government should mobilize all the corporate sectors for the promotion of hockey, the government will also take steps for the promotion of hockey, the idea of ​​hockey super league is very good, just like the cricket super league, the division and then Hockey should also be promoted at the city level, the private sector should also pay attention to hockey, government television should broadcast hockey matches live, hockey legends should be accommodated as commentators, trainers and coaches, the game of hockey should be promoted by the government. If the patronage is secured, the return of the golden era of Pakistan hockey team may be possible.

Well Done Team Hockey Pakistan

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