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What should be done if WhatsApp is hacked?

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What should be done if WhatsApp is hacked?

WhatsApp is the largest messaging platform worldwide with millions of users benefiting from it on a daily basis.

WhatsApp is a big platform not only for messaging but also for sharing pictures, videos and data through which sensitive content is also shared.

While sensitive websites and social media platforms around the world are hacked, hacking of WhatsApp is also becoming the norm.

When WhatsApp gets hacked, the first thought in a user’s mind is that their sensitive content is leaked.

Recently Deputy Director Cyber ​​Crime Wing FIA, Asif Iqbal spoke openly about this important and sensitive topic.

During a conversation in a podcast, Asif Iqbal said that not only your mobile and WhatsApp but also the camera in it can be hacked.

Asif Iqbal, talking about protecting WhatsApp from being hacked, said that WhatsApp can be protected from being hacked through ‘two factor authentications’.

Deputy Director Cyber ​​Crime Wing FIA, Asif Iqbal said that the code that comes for ‘two-factor authentications’ is often shared by individuals themselves.

Asif Iqbal while talking about recovering hacked WhatsApp added that whenever someone’s WhatsApp gets hacked first of all he should not panic and lose his senses and file a complaint immediately.

He also told about the website and help desk provided by the government for filing complaints.

Deputy Director Cyber ​​Crime Wing FIA said that after 48 hours the WhatsApp account on your number will be automatically restored.

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