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Sunday, May 19, 2024
HomeHeadlinesWhoever suspends the constitution commits treason, Omar Ayub

Whoever suspends the constitution commits treason, Omar Ayub

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Whoever suspends the constitution commits treason, Omar Ayub

Opposition leader Umar Ayub has said that whoever suspends or abolishes the constitution is guilty of high treason, Pakistan currently lacks proper democracy.

Opposition leader Umar Ayub, speaking in the National Assembly, said that freedom of expression is very less, social media app X has been closed, there is pressure on the media. Even now my speech is being aired.

Omar Ayub demanded the formation of a judicial commission on the 2024 election and the events of May 9.

He said that there should be an independent judicial commission regarding May 9, which should have access to all CCTV videos so that the truth comes out.

He said that the definition of the state in the Constitution of Pakistan is the National Assembly, Provincial Assemblies and Town Committees, security agencies are not the state.

He said that there is no difference between Asif Zardari’s recent and past speeches, a tragedy is that PP is in the government and it is not.

The opposition leader demanded that the reports of the Hamudur Rehman Commission, Abbottabad Commission and the Sanha Army Public School Commission be made public and said that a judicial commission should be formed on May 9 and the Ojri camp.

He said that when Benazir Bhutto was martyred, there was violence all over the country, the amount of damage caused by these violent incidents is 2 billion dollars, of which 1 billion dollars was lost in Karachi.

Umar Ayub said that the election of the Prime Minister, Speaker, Deputy Speaker, President is not valid, those who took a lead of 80 thousand were defeated in 24 hours through Form 47.

He said that later Commissioner Liaquat Chatta held a press conference, after that the software of Commissioner Rawalpindi had been updated, they should also be presented before the commission.

The opposition leader said that a commission should be formed regarding February 8 and bring out the CCTV video of May 9. According to our information, the CCTV video of the judicial complex is missing.

He said that there was a loss of 170 billion on May 9 and the blame is on us today, the London plan was the decision of a single person, the one who was tortured is being blamed.

Umar Ayub said that caretaker prime minister said don’t put my name in wheat scandal, otherwise I will open 47 farms.

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