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Why did you refuse to do a photo shoot with Salim before marriage? Mahira Khan said

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Why did you refuse to do a photo shoot with Salim before marriage? Mahira Khan said

Mahira Khan married her friend Saleem Karim in October 2023: Photo: Web Desk

Karachi: Pakistan’s leading actress Mahira Khan explained the reason for not doing a photo shoot with her husband Saleem Karim before marriage.

Mahira Khan recently gave an exclusive interview to Amna Haider where she opened up about her marriage with Saleem Karim.

Mahira Khan said that my mother’s wish was that Dua Khair should be offered before marriage, on the day my Dua Khair was granted, on the same night my friends had organized a Maayan ceremony at home and after Maayan there was drumming and dance every day in my house. There were parties.

The actress said that my childhood friends, cousins, Salim and my family had a lot of fun together, those moments of our wedding were very special.

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Then came the day of our marriage, on that day everyone was happy and sad at the time of departure, from my family to the waiters of the ceremony and the English DJ, everyone’s eyes were moist.

Talking about her viral photo shoot, Mahira Khan said that usually in weddings, the bride and groom get their photo shoot done before the marriage, but I refused to do a photo shoot with Salim before the marriage because I wanted the marriage to be a success. Only after the signing of the letter did Salem see me in the bridal ensemble for the first time and then we had a photo shoot.

The actress said that Salim and I had gone to the mountains for our photo shoot, we both stood on the edge of the mountain while I wanted to take pictures with Ghonghat.

Rejecting the rumors circulating on social media about Saleem Karim being a tycoon, he said that Saleem is not a 66-year-old tycoon, he is not even close to becoming a tycoon, but Inshallah! One day he will become a tycoon.

Mahira Khan added that getting married to Salim Kareem is the turning point of my life.

It should be noted that Mahira Khan married her friend Saleem Karim for the second time in October 2023, the actress had her first marriage with Ali Askari in 2007, with whom the actress has a son Azlan, but after 8 years of marriage, both divorced in 2015. was

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