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Why is there a ‘block out’ campaign on social media?

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Why is there a ‘block out’ campaign on social media?

Have you seen the ‘block out’ campaign on social media and why is it going on and who is running it, let us tell you.

According to foreign media, a new type of campaign has been going on for a few days on social media against the ongoing Israeli brutality in Gaza, in which famous people, including showbiz personalities, are being boycotted by unfollowing them.

According to reports, the campaign is directed against artists, actors and celebrities who are silent on or appear to support the carnage and destruction in Palestine.

According to foreign media, this blockout campaign, which started after the Met Gala on May 6, aims to block celebrities from social media networks like Instagram, X and Tik Tok.

According to reports, on the occasion of the Met Gala, consumers reacted strongly to the sight of celebrities including Hollywood actors dressed up and on the other hand to the ongoing oppression and the plight of starving women and children in Palestine.

According to foreign media, social media users are boycotting Hollywood actors to celebrities during the Blockout 2024 online campaign for keeping silent on the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

According to media reports, users on social media are also sharing the names, brands and businesses of famous people who have remained silent on the Gaza issue.

According to foreign media, the aim of this move is also to reduce the earnings of celebrities through advertisements on social media platforms.

According to foreign media, social media users believe that the decrease in likes and views of celebrities’ posts by people will affect their earnings.

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