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‘X is becoming a video-first platform,’ says CEO Linda Yacarino

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‘X is becoming a video-first platform,’ says CEO Linda Yacarino

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x (formerly known as Twitter) revealed its year-over-year growth figures for video consumption and time spent watching videos, and claimed that the video-based social media platform Showing strong content consumption behavior. Company CEO Linda Yacarino also acknowledged the platform’s growth in the video domain. Specifically, the X owner Elon Musk He has emphasized the importance of being video-first and has released several new video-centric features since he took over the company. Last month X introduced audio and video calling features for all users.

The information was shared through the platform’s official data sharing account, XData. According to Post, the social media giant has grown 35 percent year-over-year in terms of video views. This shows that overall video views on the platform have increased by more than a third since the previous financial year. In addition, the post added that total time spent on videos increased by 17% year-over-year.

Further, the account claimed that four out of every five user sessions now involve watching at least one video. CEO Yacarino Shared again The post also said, “X is becoming a video-first platform”. The rise in video consumption is on the back of Musk’s ambitions to build a video-centric platform. Since he took control of the social media giant, the platform has released a number of video features for users.

In May 2023, Musk announced that X Premium subscribers will be able to upload videos up to two hours long, allowing Premium users to add videos as large as 8GB. In August, the social media platform Roll out Support for live videos matches its capabilities with competitors such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. That same month, Musk allowed Users are authenticated to download videos if the content creator has enabled the option. Apart from this, the billionaire has also worked on improving the video recommendation algorithm and added an unlimited scroll feature when watching videos on the Android or iOS app.

However, videos aren’t the only area where the platform is adding new features. According to one ReportsAfter introducing it to the iOS app earlier this year, the company’s developers are working on bringing Passkey support to the Android app. This will allow users to avoid password limitations and rely on biometric logins and similar methods to secure their accounts.

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