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18 Palestinians killed in Gaza airstrike

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18 Palestinians killed in Gaza airstrike

Gaza: Air aid has also become a test for the Palestinians of Gaza due to hunger and poverty.

According to foreign media, twelve Palestinians who jumped into the sea to get relief materials drowned, while six Palestinians were martyred in the stampede in the struggle to get relief materials that fell on land.

The Gaza Media Office says in this regard that the aid dropped from the air in the northern coastal area of ​​Gaza fell partly on sea and partly on land.

12 Palestinians who jumped into the sea to collect the aid packets that fell in the Mediterranean Sea were martyred by drowning in the sea.

According to the Gaza Media Office, 6 Palestinians were martyred in a stampede to collect relief supplies that fell ashore.

In the ongoing statement of the Gaza Media Office, it is said that the situation of starvation is worst in northern Gaza. Dropping aid from the air in a famine situation is abusive and wasteful.

The Gaza Media Office has demanded that the land routes for the delivery of aid to Gaza be restored immediately. If the land routes are not restored immediately, there is a fear of massive loss of life.


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