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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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And how much freedom is needed – Express Urdu

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And how much freedom is needed – Express Urdu

For the first time in the country, the Prime Minister of PTI, who was constitutionally removed, raised the slogan of true freedom, which he could not give to the country and the nation in the entire four years of his government, but after his first successful meeting. Later, he gave freedom to his supporters in general but under his rule, first on his own and later under PTI’s federal and Punjab VKP’s official rule.

Prime Minister Imran Khan and his party used social media for the first time in the country’s politics and used it to the surprise of the rest of the parties. It has been used successfully, which spared not only political opponents but also those of PTI who disagreed slightly with the party chairman’s position, due to which all the team members of his social media wing were heavily criticized. They started and did not spare anyone.

In PTI, thousands of youths were experts in successful character assassination of opponents on government pay to insult opponents on social media. Founder PTI as Prime Minister used to hold regular meetings of his social media team more than the official media and gave them necessary instructions, while he also appointed federal, Punjab and KPK ministers for strong interpretation of PTI government. They were available and in Punjab they also got such ministers who used to reply to PTI’s political opponents in the media that the leaders of other parties used to look at their face and save their honor.

PTI leaders who were quick-witted and aggressive were given the special task of provoking opponents in media talk shows and one of the leaders did not even refrain from abusive language in the National Assembly session. The Prime Minister himself not only liked such leaders but also praised them for their aggressive behavior.

In the PTI government, his social media team was not only completely independent and empowered, from which no opposition leader was safe, but feared disgrace. Compared to the PTI, not only the big parties like the People’s Party and the Muslim League, which have been accused of taking turns of power and corruption in the past, but also Maulana Fazlur Rehman and Mehmood Khan Achakzai were not safe from the hands of the Prime Minister, who are now PTI. are needed.

Even the moderate leaders of PTI did not have the courage at that time that the Prime Minister could stop his social media team from the shameful role of the opponents. At that time, only some influential persons had requested the Prime Minister not to spoil the name of Maulana Fazlur Rehman and when the Prime Minister himself told this to the people in his rally, the participants of the rally took a derogatory attitude because PT. Ridicule of opponents was common in IK meetings and people did not consider it bad.

After the recent election, PTI is a strong opposition whose two members, despite the prohibition of their leaders, expressed the freedom during the constitutional address of the President, such freedom was not available to the opposition in the PTI government. A lawyer member familiar with the sanctity of the PTI House has set a new record for smoking in the House for the first time.

There is no precedent in the past for what PTI’s first-time elected members are doing in the House. PTI has been out of federal and Punjab power for two years now, but KP’s information advisor who came to PTI from Q-League and MQM while being a barrister, used the same words for Punjab’s League leadership. And the vile campaign that PTI’s social media is running against important personalities of the country cannot be imagined in any civilized country.

The surprise is that the government institutions are bearing everything as silent spectators. The Prime Minister and the (N) League are helpless under the pressure of the PTI. The Speaker took action against two members for inappropriate behavior. The freedom shown by the members is not the real freedom which is the slogan of PTI.

In the powerless government, PTI has got freedom from mother and father, but it is too late to get obscene freedom like Europe. The honor of any organization and PTI opponents in the country has not been protected, so how much more freedom do PTI people want? The limit has been reached and what is left.

And how much freedom is needed – Express Urdu

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