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Friday, May 24, 2024
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Modi finally removed the Muslim card

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Modi finally removed the Muslim card

Today is the third phase of the seven-phase elections in India. In the first phase, Narendra Modi claimed that this time he will win at least one hundred seats more than the seats he won in the previous elections (three hundred and nine) and BJP’s The alliance will cross the 400 mark. But due to the low rate of public opinion polls and votes cast in these two phases, the BJP leadership is also in doubt whether it will actually cross the 400 mark. will be found

Evidence for this suspicion is that in the first and second phases, Team Modi campaigned on the basis of highlighting the Ram temple and its economic achievements. Now that he fears he may not get the majority he needs to single-handedly amend the constitution to turn secular India into a Hindu Rashtra, he has pulled out the traditional Muslim card to galvanize his voters. can be sent to more number of polling stations than before.

Using the Muslim card, the BJP took out a phrase from an 18-year-old speech of former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Manmohanji had said that all classes, including Dalits and Muslims, should participate equally in the development of India. It should be realized. Modi ji and his followers are now interpreting this phrase in every election campaign that the Congress wants to come to power and take away the capital and property of Hindus and distribute it to Muslims and as long as we are alive. Will not let it happen.

To emphasize this, animated videos are also being posted on Instagram in which violent and greedy Muslim invaders are attacking ancient temples and temples, destroying them and looting the treasure. These videos were removed from Instagram after protests from civil society.

But a cartoon video is also viral on social media at the moment. In it, many backward caste chicks are sitting in a basket and Rahul Gandhi keeps a big egg in the basket with Muslim written on it. The crooked-beaked chick hatches and eats the rest of the chicks.

After introducing Bhumi (Land) Jihad and Love Jihad in relation to Muslims in recent years, the Modi group has started tossing around a new term this time i.e. Vote Jihad.

It so happened that Maria Alam, a candidate of Samajwadi Party in UP, while addressing a rally, said that the only way to oust Modi is for Muslims to consider the election as Jihad and vote as much as possible.

BJP picked up this line and Modi ji quoted this phrase in a rally in the state of Gujarat saying that I did not say that these “Jihadists” are the biggest threat to the country and democracy.Maria Alam Although tried to explain that Jihad means effort in Arabic, but BJP’s propaganda machine got this point somewhere.

Modi did not hesitate to use phrases like “infiltrate” and “those who produce the most children” in his speeches without mentioning Muslims by name. According to the official data, the birth rate among Muslims has been continuously falling compared to the Hindu classes for the last twenty years. But when the Prime Minister of the country is creating new facts with his own mouth, where are the figures asked by the voters.

A memorandum with 20,000 signatures has also been submitted to the Election Commission that Narendra Modi is violating the election code of conduct by promoting hatred in the election campaign, so he should be disqualified from contesting the election. Most of the key institutions, including the Commission and the Judiciary, are either in the hands of the ruling party or are afraid of taking any legal action.

Modi won the election of 2014 on the slogan of implementing Gujarat’s model of development in the whole country and “good days are coming”. He won on the slogan of “K Marenge”. And now they want to win the third election by playing the Muslim card.

Last month, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said in an interview that if a wanted criminal is hiding in Pakistan, we will go and pursue him there. Last week, the Washington Post published an investigative report in which foreign The network of the Indian intelligence agency RAW was targeted. The White House took notice of this and demanded India to take this report seriously. After that, the Biden administration published a report in which Japan, About China and India, it was said that there is a growing hatred of foreigners. Two days ago, Canada indicted three Indians for the murder of a Sikh separatist leader last year.

Modi ji is bent on making this successive international development the fuel of his election campaign. In a rally, he warmed up his supporters by saying that the previous governments had protested against countries harboring terrorists. By sending chithi, she thought that the duty was fulfilled. But the new India is not the one with the chithi, but the India that gives leave to the Atnik valleys (terrorists).

As communal temperatures are being raised in order to garner more votes in the third phase, there is a risk that RSS-backed local militant groups will unleash a nationwide wave of violence against Muslims in the next four phases. The hint has been received. Just before the elections of 2014, Muslims were subjected to deadly violence in the city of Muzaffarnagar in UP, and an attempt was made to increase the Hindu vote bank of the BJP in UP. It is feared that this model will be used. At least in the northern states of India, there may be an attempt to repeat it for the sake of votes.

According to Nalanjan Mukhopadhyay, the author of Modiji’s biography, it is Modi’s second nature to promote religious differences. An environment has been created in India in which Muslims feel like prisoners in the cage of their identity.

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Modi finally removed the Muslim card

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