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Come as a doctor from anywhere, it is necessary to sit the national exam, Azam Nazir Tarar

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Come as a doctor from anywhere, it is necessary to sit the national exam, Azam Nazir Tarar

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Regarding changing PMDC’s accreditation policy of foreign doctors, Federal Law Minister Nazir Tarar has said that those who have studied from abroad will have to sit for an exam. It is necessary to sit for the exam.

The federal minister says that according to the policy, the doctor who gets 60% marks is being recognized.

During the National Assembly session, the Federal Minister said that the issue of doctors’ degrees from abroad got confused in the caretaker government. Now the next exam date has been given.

He also said that according to PMDC records, the seats are 20 thousand, 10 thousand are for Punjab, checking the quality of doctors is to save the lives of the people of Pakistan.

Azam Nazir Tarar said that Mother Child Hospital of Punjab Government is being improved district wise.

On this occasion, PTI leader Zartaj Gul has said that the number of doctors should be increased in Pakistan, doctors should be available to the country. Why two laws in one country?

He raised the question that why 70% merit for those who studied from outside the country?

PTI leader Shabbir Ali Qureshi expressed his opinion and said that a woman who gave birth in a rickshaw was not admitted in Muzaffargarh, funds should be released for Mother and Child Hospital of Muzaffargarh.

Amjad Ali Khan, a member of the Sunni Etihad Council, has said that Pakistan has not become a polio-free country even today.

PP leader and former health minister Abdul Qadir Patel said that the affairs of PMDC have been very strange. One million dollars goes for the education of doctors outside of Pakistan.

He also said that there should be an NLE exam, the caretaker government banned private medical institutes, causing people to study abroad.

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