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The Election Commission sent the objections to PTI and asked for a reply

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The Election Commission sent the objections to PTI and asked for a reply

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has made progress on the issue of documents submitted to the Election Commission related to the intra-party election.

In the light of the intra-party election documents, the Election Commission sent a questionnaire to the PTI, the Election Commission sent its objections to the PTI and asked for an answer.

It was said on behalf of the Election Commission that PTI has not conducted intra-party elections in 5 years, so its administrative structure has ended. At that time, what is the status of PTI as a political party? According to the Election Act, the political party registered under the old law will be registered. According to the Election Act, the party must submit the certificate within 7 days of the election. The certificate must contain the date of the election, the details of the elected officials, and a copy of the declaration of election results along with the certificate. be

According to the Election Act, the registered political party has to submit the required documents within 60 days. If the documents are not submitted, the Election Commission can cancel the party registration by giving an opportunity for hearing.

The Election Commission asked whether the PTI General Body meeting was held at the Electoral College of all the members at the federal, provincial and local levels? The PTI General Body appointed the Election Commissioner on January 31, PTI Constitution. According to what is the status of appointing election commissioner by the general body? Was the chief organizer appointed in this general body meeting, this chief organizer notified Rauf Hasan as the chief election commissioner? Is it permissible to appoint a Chief Organizer on behalf of the General Body? Can they appoint a CEC?

The Election Commission asked that what is your position on the 5 applications received regarding the PTI intra-party election? The decision of the Election Commission was upheld by the Supreme Court. In the light of the decision of the Election Commission, PTI does not have an election symbol. The Election Act imposes a fine on a party for not conducting an election. In this case, why not impose a fine on the PTI. If so, can PTI deregistration proceedings be initiated?

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