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Dysfunctional and Paralyzed Nation – Express Urdu

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Dysfunctional and Paralyzed Nation – Express Urdu

Professor Ralph Randles Stewart was one of the first four botanists in the world. He was born in New York in 1890. He received his M.Sc. from Columbia University and devoted himself to the Church for three years. gave

In America, in 1837, a few priests formed a mission agency to build educational institutions in China and India. And used to send them to their schools and colleges in India.

The mission built the first college in Rawalpindi in 1893. This college was built by the missionary Andrew Gordon, hence it was called Gordon College accordingly. Professor Stewart was sent to Rawalpindi. Stewart taught botany to children in Rawalpindi for three years. He was Pakistan’s first professor of botany. Stewart returned to America in 1914 but left his heart in Rawalpindi.

He married his classmate Isabel Caroline Darrow, a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. Isabel was the sister of world-renowned botanist George M. Darrow. Stewart returned to Rawalpindi with his wife after his Ph.D., and Gordon After the establishment of Pakistan, he taught in Gordon College till 1960. He was also the principal of the college.

He worked on 30,000 different plants in his life and is still famous in the world of botany. Stewart died in California at the age of 103. Both he and his wife taught in Rawalpindi for fifty years. The daughters were born in Pakistani India and educated at Gordon College, so the family knew India, Pakistan and Rawalpindi very well.

In his farewell speech in 1960, Professor Stewart spoke highly of the region. “She does everything for her children by herself” washes their clothes “irons them” polishes the shoes for the children “makes lunch boxes and puts them in the children’s beds and when they come back, they wash and dry the boxes They also do it themselves.

Children’s books and beds are also cleaned by mothers and their beds are made by themselves, so children become restless and lazy and they call their younger siblings for a glass of water or call their mother in a loud voice. Hain ami pani to de do ‘Pakistani children grow up with this culture’ followed by their wives ‘they treat them as virtual gods and serve them like slaves’ they also cook their food. They wash and iron clothes.

They clean their washrooms, make their beds and then bear their hatred, contempt and anger, so if I say that Pakistani mothers are children’s nurses, wives are maids and younger siblings are slaves, then it is wrong. It won’t happen, so the question is, those who grow up young in this environment, won’t they be disabled and crippled? You have to get used to doing your own work and helping others, especially parents, so that these children can be independent and responsible when they reach adulthood. How will he take the responsibility of the nation?”

This observation about the Pakistani nation was given by Professor Stewart 64 years ago in 1960, ‘You should put your hand on your heart and answer, was this wrong and was it not a correct diagnosis of the disease of this nation? In Ahmed Iqbal’s book “Iqbali Bayan” I read an incident of the American chemistry professor R. F. Tabi “He was the vice principal of Gordon College.” After that, he insisted, ‘You arrange our iftar’, the professor called the whole class to his house, ‘The students went to the professor’s house and found out that there is no servant in his house.’ We are three people – me, my wife and a child so we don’t need servants – we do our own work.

At the time of Iftar, the students saw that the professor and his wife were preparing food with their own hands. The students were made to stand in a line, they were given plates and the professor’s wife distributed the food to them, the professor also took the food in a line, finally both the husband and wife wrapped up all the dishes, the students were very ashamed to see this. Ahmed Iqbal might not have seen Europe or America, otherwise he would not have mentioned this incident with such surprise because it is a common thing throughout Europe and America. Will serve” Even in Europe, the wives of billionaire families wash the dishes” Imran Khan once told me that there are no employees in the Goldsmith family.

The driver also leaves at four in the evening and my mother-in-law Annabelle Goldsmith does all the housework. When I go to her house, I also have to do my own work. They do their own work but also help others while in our country people want a glass of water on their table or chair and someone else picks up and washes this glass. Not disabled and who is making it disabled and paralyzed?

This crime is done by our culture and our family traditions, first we are paralyzed by our mothers, they also polish our shoes and clean our tiffin boxes, then our fathers are responsible for our laziness and social paralysis. It happens ‘It doesn’t let us get warm air until we die’ It also takes care of children’s children’ After that our siblings are responsible ‘It gives us food in bed, tea and water’ Also our motorbikes and cars. We clean and our wives do whatever is left, they serve us like slaves even though we become disabled and paralyzed from body to soul.

I feed all my guests with my own hands and serve tea myself. Believe me, people look at me in amazement, even embarrassment, when 80% of the world, from Central Asia to America, does it. There, if an employee in an office or house is serving guests and the gentleman is sitting cross-legged, then people consider him rude; if the guest also leaves his glass, cup or plate on the table, then he is considered rude, while In our country it is quite the reverse here the employee will give tea and food and the guest will mess up the whole house ‘You see your social bankruptcy’ we say with great regret or pride whenever we praise a person.

He has 10 servants in his house or he also drinks tea in bed.” “When we need another person to wash our shit” when we can’t even clean our bathroom and washroom and when we can’t even pick up our plates and glasses and put them in the kitchen, then how can we carry our burden as a nation? How will we take the journey of development? Remember that whether it is an individual or a nation in the world, it is formed in the mother’s lap and when the mother hears the cry of the child and starts feeding it or the child cries and rubs his heels on the ground and asks his parents for all his wishes. Then why won’t he grow up and force the government to buy wheat, give jobs and waive petrol, gas and electricity bills?

Why won’t he push the policemen into the river in Azad Kashmir and why won’t he block the roads to raise their salaries? Believe me, the only reason for the current situation in our country is our parents. They don’t teach us self-reliance since childhood. and on the other hand, they continue to look at others until after death, the responsibility of our grave is also on the shoulders of others, while the whites leave the world after paying even the flowers for their grave, so then the question is we How will you move forward in life?

Dysfunctional and Paralyzed Nation – Express Urdu

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