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Ex-officer of WAPDA, a victim of honey trap, died in the custody of raw material robbers

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Ex-officer of WAPDA, a victim of honey trap, died in the custody of raw material robbers

The raw materials robbers fled after throwing the dead citizen in the Kashmore area – Photo: File

Rawalpindi: The ex-WAPDA officer, who was imprisoned for 2 months for taking a honey trap from Tench Bhata area of ​​RA Bazar in Kachhe area of ​​Kashmore district of Sindh and serving two months of imprisonment for the ransom of Rs. Died under the circumstances.

According to the police, after the abductor died, the abductors escaped by throwing the body in the limits of Nepalkot Kashmore police station, which was identified by the driver’s license of the deceased from the pocket of the clothes and the Sindh police reported to RA Bazar Rawalpindi police station.

On the contact of Sindh Police, the team of RA Bazar police station has been dispatched to Kashmore to confirm the dead body and shift it to Rawalpindi.

According to the police, while registering a kidnapping case against 70-year-old former WAPDA official Agha Sohail Khan from Tench Bhatta Rawalpindi in March this year, his son Agha Babar Ali said that his father had left home to go to Sukkur. who were put on the train from Rawalpindi railway station to Sukkur by my brother Agha Muzamal Ali.

He said that his father told his friend Amjad on March 6 that he had reached Sukkur safely, later his mobile phone was switched off, on which his brother asked his friend Amjad if he was in touch with our father. If it happened, he said that his number is constantly being blocked.

He said that the father had ATM cards, identity card and driving license of four different banks, on which the police had registered a case of kidnapping on March 11 and started investigation.

During the police investigation, the family members of the kidnapper were called by unknown persons from the kidnapper’s number and showed their presence in the rough area and started demanding a ransom of Rs.

According to police sources, due to the abductee’s old age, medical problems also came to the fore, so the kidnappers also discovered his medicines and kept demanding medicines, while the discussion continued on the ransom amount.

The police said that the kidnappers came from two crores to one crore and then to seventy lakhs and in the end there was talk of one to 15 lakhs but the decision to pay the ransom could not be made. K Naib Muharr Sabir called RA Bazar Rawalpindi police station and informed.

He said that the deputy mayor of Nepalkot said that a dead body was found in the pocket of his clothes, and the driving license of Agha Sohail Ali Khan, a resident of Tench Bhatta, was found on which the police records of Aare Bazar police station were checked. According to information, the dead body belonged to Agha Sohail Ali Khan of Tench Bhata, whose kidnapping for ransom case is registered in RA Bazar Police Station No. 220/24.

Meanwhile, on receiving the information, the Rawalpindi police authorities have dispatched a police team under the leadership of Sub-Inspector Rajab to Sindh to confirm the body found in the limits of Nepalkot Kashmore Sindh and transfer it to Rawalpindi.

A Rawalpindi police officer told Ahxpress on condition of anonymity that the kidnapped Agha Sohail Ali Khan was leading a retired life after retiring from WAPDA and was separated.

The police officer said that the former WAPDA officer apparently reached the Kacha area by honey trap where he was trapped and demanded ransom from the family.

He said that according to the preliminary information received so far from Sindh, there is no bullet or injury mark on the victim’s body, and the police there seems to think that the abductee died due to medical reasons due to his old age and illness. When the victim was killed, the abductors left his body in the police station and fled.

The police officer said that the Rawalpindi police team has left Sindh, the final situation will be clear only after collecting evidence and further investigation.

It should be remembered that a large-scale operation against dacoits is also going on in the Kacha area of ​​Sindh and Punjab, but at the same time, the criminal activities of the Kacha dacoits are also happening frequently.

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