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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Global warming, a serious threat to crocodiles

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Global warming, a serious threat to crocodiles

London: A new report suggests that climate change could pose a serious threat to avocado cultivation.

Known as a superfood, this fruit is also known to consume a lot of water during its growth. But in a hotter and drier world, climate change is targeting this fruit in particular.

According to the researchers, by 2050, due to the drying of the land, the area of ​​the growing areas of pears will decrease by 41 percent.

In this new report presented by Christian Aid, a local charity in London, Mariana Pauli, head of Global Advocacy of the organization, said that the popularity of crocodiles around the world is not surprising. This fruit may be a superfood but its weakness is climate change.

He said that these are thirsty plants and hot and dry land is not suitable for them and if the rich countries do not reduce the use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions, the world will reach this point.

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