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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Good news for those who want to see the Northern Lights

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Good news for those who want to see the Northern Lights

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A few days ago, when the solar storm hit the earth, many people in America and Europe had the opportunity to see the beautiful northern lights spread across the sky, but there were also some people who could not see this scene.

Now experts have given good news to those who could not see the beautiful and amazing sight of the Northern Lights or North Pole lights.

Dr. Greg Brown, an astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, told the British media that ‘the heat of the sun is at its peak at the moment’.

Every 11 years, the Sun’s heat reaches a peak called a solar storm, which causes solar flares and magnetic waves to travel millions of miles to hit Earth.

Experts say that it is usually difficult to predict when the Northern Lights will be visible, but it is possible that they will reappear this week or early next week.

Experts have said that there are signs of another solar storm coming closer to Earth in the next few days, which could cause the Northern Lights to reappear in the sky.

It should be noted that a few days ago, the most powerful solar storm in the last two decades hit the earth due to which GPS, space craft, satellite and other technologies were affected.

In this regard, Elon Musk has revealed that his Starlink satellite was under a lot of pressure when the solar storm hit the Earth.

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