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Sunday, May 19, 2024
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HEC’s concern over the situation of the University of Karachi’s research institute

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HEC’s concern over the situation of the University of Karachi’s research institute

The Federal Higher Education Commission (HEC) has expressed deep concern over the ongoing situation in the ICCBS, a research institution of the University of Karachi.

Acting Executive Director of Higher Education Commission, Owais Ahmed, in a letter written to the Vice-Chancellor of University of Karachi, has said that ICCBS, which holds a prestigious position not only in Pakistan but also in the wider Muslim world, and whose success To this end, HEC has devoted a substantial amount of financing over the past two decades, in terms of development, and research grants. Recent events have raised serious concerns about the management, administrative protocols and overall status of the centre.

Reports of mismanagement, governance breakdowns, financial irregularities, audit observations and widespread criticism paint a disturbing narrative of internal disarray, operational inefficiencies and management disarray, the letter added. These issues are not only tarnishing the reputation of the prestigious center but also adversely affecting the reputation of the academic community at large.

The letter said that with deep disappointment, your attention is drawn to the fact that HEC was not formally informed about the last meeting of the Executive Board held on 6th May 2024, and Neither was the recipient of the email dated May 13, 2024. Deliberately not informing the HEC of such matters is not only disturbing but also casts doubt on the intentions of the management.

Furthermore, the circular resolution email as well as the date of issuance of the office order are the same i.e. 13 May 2024, and the minutes of the last meeting of the Executive Board are yet to be released. Further, as per Section 4(b) of the ICCBS Rules, the Executive Board is empowered to appoint the Director, ICCBS on the recommendations of the Selection Board, and that the appointment of the Director on an acting basis. There is no provision in the laws for

In view of this, the HEC does not endorse the illegal notification of the appointment of the Director, ICCBS and recommends that a meeting of the Executive Board be convened at the earliest to discuss all such issues including the posts of regular To withdraw the previously published advertisement for Director, review of the eligibility criteria for the said post and a fresh advertisement accordingly. Consideration is given to informed decisions, failing which the HEC will be forced to form a committee to review and recommend corrective solutions.

The letter states that the HEC expects and hopes that your office will play its effective role in ensuring that the center is run in a professional manner in accordance with the provisions of its rules.

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