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I refuse to work with Shibli Faraz and Umar Ayub, Sher Afzal

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I refuse to work with Shibli Faraz and Umar Ayub, Sher Afzal

Rawalpindi: PTI leader Sher Afzal Marwat has said that my own people are pulling our legs, Shibli Faraz and Umar Ayub did not allow me to meet Imran Khan, as a protest I refuse to work with them.

While talking to the media in Rawalpindi, he said that he will do some controversial things today. He also came to meet Imran Khan tomorrow, on which the superintendent said that Imran Khan will meet him separately and even today the jail superintendent did not meet him, Shibli. Faraz and Umar Ayub did not allow me to have this meeting, Shibli Faraz said because the PML-N says that if Sher Afzal is made the chairman of PAC, then we will not accept it.

Sher Afzal Marwat said that my own people are pulling our legs. Shibli Faraz has told Imran Khan that the Saudi ambassador said, “Don’t make Sher Afzal the chairman, consider me out of this race, don’t make me the chairman.”

He said that PTI was raised from Sindh to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, this party had become a dead horse and took all the leaders to their constituencies. went, which was also told to Imran Khan.

He said that I will not accept the disrespect of my caste, Imran Khan cleared the matter in the political committee, I was not told that the political committee will vote, the political committee voted against me, Khalid Latif. De-notified, humiliated, denied entry for the first time since Khan went in.

He said that I wanted to talk to Khan earlier but I was not allowed to meet him, now I am talking to the media, now was the time for the party to hold demonstrations, I will be held accountable on March 23, 30 because of the parade. The date of March was kept, then it was kept on April 6. It was said that 27th of Ramadan is.

Sher Afzal Marwat said that we did not get permission to hold a rally in Lahore, we said we will protest immediately after Eid, but there is no protest, Khan wants protest, I want protest, I was accused of taking Khan’s place. I want to, Khan nominated Ali Zafar as the leader of the opposition in the Senate, Shibli Faraz said no, I will not be arrested, make me the leader of the opposition, on the other hand, made Umar Ayub the leader of the opposition.

He said that I announce my separation from the responsibilities of protest, now Shibli Faraz will protest in a big way, if Khan says to resign from MNAship, then I will resign in a moment, at that time I will work with him as a protest. I refuse to do it and now I will come to this jail when Imran Khan says.

Sher Afzal Marwat said that the Saudi ambassador’s message to Imran Khan was true or false. Whether the Saudi ambassador gave a statement or not, I do not want this committee. To tell me something, I want these people to lead the party now.

He said that I did not even want to become an MNA, I had gone out for Khan, I had no personal agenda, but Imran Khan was miss-briefed on every issue.

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