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Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Kate Garraway reveals financial struggles amid Derek Draper health scare

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Kate Garraway reveals financial struggles amid Derek Draper health scare

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Image: Kate Garraway reveals financial struggles amid Derek Draper health scare

Derek Draper died at the age of 56 after a battle with COVID-19, followed by a heart attack in December 2023.

As fans will know, Ex The Labor Party The consultant’s tragic death was announced by his wife Kate Garraway on Friday, December 17 via her Instagram.

According to reports MirrorKate weighs in on the financial struggles of Derek’s yearlong hospitalization in a new documentary, Kate Garraway: Derek’s Story.

In a preview clip, the TV presenter said, “Derek’s care costs more than my salary from ITV.”

“And that’s before you pay the mortgage, before you pay the household bills, before you pay anything for the kids,” she continued.

Kate also addressed, “So we’re at a crisis point. I’m in debt and I can’t make enough money to pay off my debt because I’m managing Derek’s care.

“And I can’t even use the money I have to help with Derek’s recovery because it’s always running on the basics,” she added.

When a producer asks her, “I think people will be surprised to hear that because I imagine people think you’re on telly, you have to be loaded.”

She simply responds by saying, “Listen, I’m not going to pretend like I’m underpaid.”

“You know, I have an incredible job that I love, that pays well, but it’s not enough,” he concluded.

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In an emotional interview with The Sun, TV presenter Kate Garraway has opened up about the financial struggles she has faced following her husband Derek Draper’s health scare.

Derek Draper, a former political adviser, was admitted to the hospital in March 2020 after contracting COVID-19. He was placed in a coma and remained in intensive care for several months before finally returning home in April 2021. However, he is still facing a long road to recovery, as he battles the long-term effects of the virus.

During this difficult time, Kate has had to take on additional responsibilities as the sole breadwinner for the family. She revealed that she has had to borrow money from friends and family to make ends meet, as Derek’s illness has prevented him from working. She also spoke about the challenges of balancing work and caring for her husband and two children, as well as the emotional toll of seeing Derek suffer.

Kate’s candid interview has shed light on the financial difficulties that many families face when dealing with serious health issues. She hopes that by sharing her story, she can raise awareness about the financial impact of long-term illness and encourage others to seek help and support when needed.

Despite the challenges, Kate remains hopeful and grateful for the outpouring of support from friends, family, and fans. She is determined to stay strong for her family and support Derek on his road to recovery.

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