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The famous films whose subject is education and training! –

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The famous films whose subject is education and training! –

Before partition and after partition in Pakistan and India on social and sensitive issues, great and accomplished filmmakers and directors of their time made films with the purpose of positive change in society and reformation of people through cinema, but then purposefully. Stories were replaced by romance and action films. If we talk about Hollywood, there are films made on every subject, and in Bollywood too, there are films made that reflect purposeful and constructive thinking.

Here we are mentioning some of the movies that bring to the fore the issues related to teaching. These films highlight some of the economic, racial and inequality-based issues while covering the obstacles and difficulties in spreading the light of education, with the main characters being the teacher and the student.

To Sir, With Love 1967
The film covers racism and social inequality. The story of the film revolves around Mark Thakere, a former engineer. He begins a career in teaching in a low-quality area in London. But he begins to realize that instead of math or any other subject, he should be teaching his students how to live.

Educating Rita, 1983
This film describes the importance of one’s existence and the power to decide and it is said that man can acquire this power only through education. In the film, the life of Rita (played by Julie Walters), a young girl, changes when she decides to finish her studies in order to marry Frank Bryant, a professor at the Open University. Mr. Bryant encourages her and teaches her how to value her own ideas.

The Breakfast Club, 1985
It is a slightly different story based on the typical teacher-student relationship that tells the stories of five students from different school groups, each belonging to a different high school group, who have a weekday detention. meet each other during Then after that the film brings out their education system and the highs and lows between them.

Stand and Deliver, 1988
The film revolves around a high school math teacher, Jamie Essalant, who quits his lucrative and high-paying job to promote education. It is a true story based character that inspires rebellious and unruly students to overcome their difficulties through education.

Chalk, 2006
The functional documentary ‘Chalk’ describes the challenges faced by a teacher in his educational career and the factors to face them. Some of his scenes are full of humor and some are eye-watering and show how difficult it can be to practice this noble profession honestly and what a dutiful and sincere teacher has to do.

Stars on Earth, 2009
‘Taare Zameen Par’ is an important film based on child psychology in primary education. A child’s birth is the direction of educational and creative tendencies. What he thinks, what kind of environment he likes, what kind of people he likes to be around and what activities he likes are all shown in it.


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