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Masand of greatness! – Express Urdu

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Masand of greatness! – Express Urdu

Mian Sahib is my old friend. There are huge cardboard traders. Living a good life. Hometown is Rawalpindi. But, many decades ago they came to Lahore due to business and are living in Lahori Thatt.

Every two years’ buy a new Mercedes car. Char Kanal is a private house. There is also a spacious farmhouse on Bedian Road. The point of submission is that he is a successful person. Weeks’ keep visiting me after two weeks.

I thought, whenever they came they seemed restless. They suddenly stand up and start walking. Sit on the chair but keep moving the leg continuously. While talking, they get up without hesitation and go out. After a couple of minutes, they come back and start the conversation from where they left off. It means that they never sit still. And yes! Every speech of his starts with ‘the conditions of the country are bad’ and ends with the tragic lament of ‘Hosharba covering inflation’. Sometimes it seems that he has become a revolutionary.

This style of conversation and sitting and dismissing has been the same for the past twenty-five years. The same phrases, the same eternal story of destruction. Then they visit very comfortably. In short, the conversation begins and ends with verbal communication. After his departure, I often think that Mr. Mian is a very successful person. Then why do you talk so anxiously and inconsistently! I haven’t received an answer yet.

Mian Sahib keeps talking, I keep silent, I don’t even consider what he says. But now I have realized that most of our sittings and talks are pointless. We breathe without coming to any final conclusion. Our revolution, ‘drawing room’, ‘sitting room’ starts in a corner of a cafe or a good restaurant and then ends there.

We are free from any arguments and our practical life is not governed by our own ideals. It cannot claim that there is a difference between our words and actions. But I must say that the majority of Pakistanis seem limited to fulfilling their desires and living a luxurious life. It can also be said that only personal interests are the goal and focus of our life. There is no room for serious thought, knowledge and high ideals.

It was a personal thought that perhaps government employees, religious leaders, writers, politicians, poets, people who are seen all the time on electronic media, organize their lives under a higher purpose. But in objective circumstances the majority does not do so. Those who promise to bring or bring a revolution do not disturb their comfortable life at all. People who talk about merit all the time do not even come close to merit in their life. Rather, they consider their good to be away from justice, equality or truth and objectivity.

What is the solution? I can give a personal answer that the person I like intellectually, no matter who he is, is extremely modest, I absolutely do not meet him. Even if I get a chance, I shy away. I postpone. It has become a habit. The reason is that many times the ‘image you have of any person’ turns out to be different from that person in reality. I am talking about the majority.

Perhaps you are lucky enough to be inspired by people who are like-minded internally and externally. But the student has rarely been nurtured by such elders. When giants who appear to be extremely great are found insignificant in the test of action, then there is less grief.

To avoid this misery, ‘not meeting your favorite people’ seems a little better. If seen, there is no lack of great people in our country. There are such people in every field. Philosophers who say that there has been a famine of good people. They are not telling the whole truth. Tall people’ exist in every region and every era. But its rate remains low from eternity to eternity. Societies should also be examined in this context. Greek thought has had the greatest influence on the planet.

Even today people seem to refer to great people like ‘Aristotle’, Socrates, Plato and Phaethagoras. But in Greece, there were millions of people in this region. But you don’t see the universal thought anywhere, except for a few counted people. This is not a tragedy, but the law of nature. All the people of the country cannot sit on the throne of greatness. In the same way, not all men became scientists after the Renaissance in the West.

People like Edison, Newton, Lui Pa Sachar were never born, nor appeared later. Gentlemen! “Great people” are actually rare. All countries and groups’ work on the same nature. If we look at the subcontinent, the matter is more difficult here. Ethnic pride and religious fanaticism are so much here that even the exemplary achievements of the people have been prejudiced. Now the overall situation is that the heroes of our country have been made the villains of the neighboring country. All this was done on the basis of no argument. Rather, within it, the spirit of hatred towards each other is more persistent.

An example is important. The great mind of the subcontinent, Chanakya was a political strategist, religious scholar, expert in state affairs and state codes, jurist and brilliant diplomat. He was a thinking man of his time. I am narrating the story of the time before Christ, Hinduism was still present in India at that time. Chanakya wrote a wonderful book on the code of governance. But today we don’t even like to mention his name. Rather, perhaps ‘Chankiya’ is an unknown character for people. The Maurya dynasty began with the intellectual revolution of Chanakya.

By the way, fifty years ago, while teaching history in our schools, the name of Maurya family and Chanakya was often heard. But now even his name is not present in the curriculum. Now the ancient civilizations and ancient history of this region are not even mentioned. But this behavior is completely against the facts. The ‘freedom wave’ in the subcontinent had started long before the 1946 elections.

In the war of 1857, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and people of other faiths fought together. But this unity is not mentioned here or in the neighboring country. This gap appears to be widening rather than narrowing. The name of Subhas Chandra Bhos is quite unique among those who picked the noses of the British. But we have no mention of it. In India, Iqbal also seems to suffer from the same bias.

I want to address the main point. Purposeful, principled and civilized life’ is led by many chosen people. They have no time. Those systems are completely free from the constraints of space and time. And this journey begins with negation of personal life. People who live by making lofty thought the goal of life actually become immortal.

Their influence spans centuries. The rest’ have always been and will remain a crowd. It doesn’t matter if they are or not. If we estimate the number of people living on the planet in two and a half thousand years, it will be several billion, but how many people with universal thoughts are there in the last two and a half thousand years, their number may not be above one thousand. I am referring to the entire planet. This means that living with a big idea is extremely difficult.

Suffering is suffering in it. Because big people break every tradition of any termite-infested society. Always responsive. Billions of people disappear from the world after living a physical life under the same concern as my friend Mian Sahib. Naan’s presence makes a difference. And it has to be said with regret that their absence spells doom. Living under worry may not be for everyone. Therefore, societies like ours and their leaders do not seem to hold any position of greatness!

Masand of greatness! – Express Urdu

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