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Murtaza Wahab is also dissatisfied with the census of Karachi

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Murtaza Wahab is also dissatisfied with the census of Karachi

Mayor Karachi Murtaza Wahab expressed his dissatisfaction with the census of Karachi.

Addressing the ceremony in Karachi, Murtaza Wahab said that Karachi is the only mega city in Pakistan, the major problem of which is that the actual number of people living here is not known.

He said that the population of Karachi has not been determined properly, without knowing the correct population, there are difficulties in solving problems.

Mayor Karachi added that it is difficult for one person to manage a house, for the development of the city it is important to know how many people there are and how much income there is.

He said that without the correct number of people, how can problems be solved? According to the census, the population of the city is 23 million, which not everyone will agree on.

Murtaza Wahab also said that Karachi is the commercial hub of Pakistan, which has economic challenges, tax collection from the city is also very low.

He said that Karachi pays 1.6 billion property tax and 20 million rupees in municipal tax, while Mumbai’s property tax is 22 billion Indian rupees and 19 billion in municipal tax.

Mayor Karachi said that the procedure should be simplified, decision-making should be simplified, I hope that such solutions will come out, which can serve the city better.

He said that the Red Line project was delayed due to inflation, it will take another 2 years to complete.

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